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 College of Community


Business Administration:

The program aims to qualify graduates to work in both public and private sectors, and fulfill labor market needs of human resources specializing in business administration and management information systems, with the purpose of supporting decision-making at management level in production units. 

Employment Opportunities:

Working in banks, public and private hospitals, schools, institutes, and training centers in the following capacities: 

1. Personnel auditors.

2. Payroll auditors.

3. Public service managers.

4. Administrative inspectors.

5. Training specialists.

6. Purchasing auditors.

7. Tenders auditors.

Office Management:

This program aims to graduate trained calibers highly qualified to work as office managers and office secretariats in public and private institutions, especially women banks. 

Employment Opportunities:

1. Office managers.

2. Private secretaries.

3. Secretaries.

4. Clerks.

5. Administrative assistants.

6. Tests registrars.

7. Supplies inspectors.


This program aims to graduate trained calibers highly qualified in managing marketing operations in institutions that focus on women sectors or on small projects. 

Employment Opportunities:

1. Sales persons

2. Promotion and advertisement specialists

3. Assistant purchasing auditors

4. Revenue  collectors

5. Trade controllers

6. Sales/purchasing officers

7. Product planning and design specialists

To download and view, pressالخطة الدراسية للعلوم الادارية.pdf Management Sciences Academic Plan.pdf​ ​

-Web Design
These two programs aim to qualify students to be able to fulfill the technical requirements for trade and governmental operations, and work to maintain electronic devices in all types of institutes, focusing on the technical aspect rather than information transfer. 
Employment Opportunities
1. Technical support services in all types of institutions
2. Computer operators
3. System analysts
4. Assistant programmers
5. Computer lab operator
6. Electronic devices technicians
7. Communication technicians
To download and view, pressالخطة الدراسية للعلوم الادارية.pdfComputer Sciences Academic Plan.pdf​