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 Policy of Admission

Admission Criteria for the Academic Year 1436/1437 AH:

1- Students are admitted to PNU through the Unified Admissions Portal for public universities in Riyadh. For all colleges, students will first be admitted to the Preparatory Year, or the Foundation Year Program for health colleges. Priority of admission is based on the capacity of each health college.  

2- The composite ratio is used when selecting applicants in all PNU colleges (40% secondary school GPA, 20% admission test, 20%  general aptitude  score, 20% achievement test. ), with the exception of health colleges.

3- Admission criteria for health colleges:

- Composite ratio (30% secondary school GPA + 30% general aptitute score + 40% grades).

- Pass English placement test.

- Pass Medical examination.

4- Students who pass the Preparatory Year within a maximum of three academic semesters will be admitted according to the capacity of each college, based on their Preparatory Year GPA and their English language level.

5- Students who pass the Preparatory Year with a GPA less than 2.75 will be transferred to the College of Community Service.

6- Should students fail the Preparatory Year after three academic semesters, they will be expelled from PNU.