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 FAQ on Admissions

Q: When can we start applying to PNU?

A: Please refer to the scheduled calendar posted in the unified E-admissions portal for students.


Q: What does the phrase "Annual Admission" mean?                          

A: It means that admissions take place only once at the beginning of the academic year. There are no admissions for the second semester.


Q: Does admission depend on the application date?

A: Admission is not based on the application date. Accordingly, it makes no difference if you apply on the first day or the last day, as long as you apply within the specified duration.


Q: Do the students who have obtained their secondary school certificate in the current year have priority in admission?

A: Priority in admission is based in the compound percentage (secondary school certificate grades + abilities + collective). Students must have obtained the secondary school certificate within the last five years.


Q: I registered last year on the portal and I was not admitted. Do I use the previous application or apply anew?

A: A new application is required.


Q: Can I apply to a university while already registered in another university?

A: Full-time students may not apply through the portal before they withdraw from the other university.


Q: What are the specializations available for admissions at PNU?

A: Please refer to the colleges and specializations available for admission in the Admissions Guide via the PNU website.


Q: How can I obtain my abilities grades?

A: You can obtain such grades from the website of the National Center for Assessment in Higher Education​


Q: I took the general abilities test more than once. Which result will be used for admission?

A: The highest results obtained will be used.


Q: What is the validity period for general abilities?

A: The abilities test results are valid for five years.


Q: What is the validity period for the collective test?

A: The collective test results are valid for five years.


Q: I did not take the abilities or collective tests. Can I apply to PNU?

A: No, you cannot apply. The abilities and collective tests are mandatory for admission and comparing between applicants.


Q: How are students informed of the admission results and when do they receive the relevant SMSs?

A: Students must login to their accounts on the unified E-admissions portal on the dates specified in the admissions schedule. This is supported by SMSs and emails. Students receive SMSs on their mobile numbers when they enter their civil register numbers, when saving their requests, when nominated for interviews, and upon the declaration of admission results. Students must not rely solely on receiving SMSs, but must login to their accounts on the dates specified.


Q: If I am not accepted because I failed the interview or the test, will I be able to get my second request?

A: If you are not accepted in one option, you will be nominated for the other options according to nomination criteria.


Q: Will there be other application opportunities for those who have missed the dates?

A: No. There will be no more opportunities once the specified application dates have passed.


Q: What happens if the student does not confirm her acceptance through the unified E-admissions portal on the specified dates?

A: The student's admission will be canceled.


Q: Can I withdraw from admission after confirmation? What are the procedures involved?

A: Students may withdraw from admissions. Please refer to withdrawal procedures in the Admissions Guide.


Q: Can I come to the university to apply?

A: No. You can only apply electronically. Application requests through the university will not be accepted.


Q: What are the PNU admission terms and criteria?

A: Please refer to the Admissions Guide on the PNU website for information on admission criteria.


Q: I am a student registered with another university but I have been absent for four semesters (more than two years). Do I have the right to apply to PNU?

A: Yes, you can apply through the admissions portal and you will be considered a new student as per the admissions criteria.


Q: Can I apply to PNU when I am registered in another university?

A: Students studying full-time in another university may not apply through the admissions portal unless they have withdrawn from said university.


Q: How do I arrange the specializations available to me?

A: Arranging specializations must be according to the student's wishes and academic inclinations. This must be done with care.


Q: Can I use the abilities and collective test results I have obtained last year?

A: Yes. Last year's results may be used.


Q: Do I have to send my documents after admission via post?

A: PNU will not receive any paper documents. Confirming admission electronically via the unified E-admissions portal is the alternative to receiving the paper file.


Q: How do I obtain my university number?

A: After being admitted to PNU, you will receive an SMS with your university number. Please make sure that the mobile number you have listed is correct and functioning.


Q: In which cases is the student's admission canceled?

A: Please refer to the Admissions Guide for information on admission cancelation cases.


Q: I have a university diploma. Can I apply again to receive a Bachelor Degree?

A: University diploma graduates are not allowed to apply to the Bachelor Degree.


Q: Are non-Saudi students to Saudi mothers accepted?

A: Yes. They are dealt with as Saudi students. After admission, said students must visit the Deanship for Admissions and Registration, with copies of their residence papers, passports, birth certificates, and mother's national card.