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 Monthly Stipend

Stipends Disbursement Criteria:

 1- Student must be Saudi, born to a Saudi mother, or an external scholarship student.

 2- Must be a regular student, not exceeding the duration of the academic program.

- The Preparatory Year is included in the duration.

- Semesters with withdrawals or transfers are included in the duration.

- Semesters with postponements or absences are not included in the duration.

 3- Cumulative GPA must be a minimum of 2. 

Disbursement Mechanism:

Each student will receive an ATM card, and monthly stipends will be deposited in their accounts at Riyadh Bank at the end of each Hijri month.

Value of Stipend:

- SR 850 for Literary Sections

- SR 1,000 for Scientific Sections

- SR 10 for the Students’ Fund will be deducted from the stipend on a monthly basis. 

Excellence Reward:

 The excellence reward will be disbursed every semester as per the following criteria:

- Student’s GPA must be at least (4.5). 

- Registered hours must be at least 12 hours for the semester. Graduates are exempted.

- Reward will be disbursed according to student’s term duration. 

- Student must not have any ‘incomplete’ courses.

Stipends/Rewards are not disbursed to:

- Students who have postponed or withdrawn from the academic term. 

- Students who have exceeded the term duration.

- Students with GPA less than (2).

- Students visiting from other universities, until their documents are received and the results are posted through the academic banner system.

Important Note:

To contact the Stipends/Rewards Department, affiliated with the Deanship of Admissions and Registration:

- Fill-out the form available through the deanship website.

- Send form via email to:


- Visit the Stipends/Rewards Department Office, Students’ Services Building, A4 Station, 1st floor, office: 1.101.

You are advised to visit Riyadh Bank in the following cases:

- Loss/retraction of ATM card to issue a replacement.

- Loss of/error in PIN code.

Riyadh Bank is located in A4 and A10 stations, Students’ Services Building.