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Based on the essential role of universities in disseminating knowledge throughout society, Princess Noura Bint Abulrahman University (PNU) has given priority to childhood issues by holding conferences, symposia and organizing workshops to promote awareness of Children’s Rights and shedding lights on their needs and the role of the decision makers, researchers and practitioners in fulfilling these needs. In 2012 PNU held the “International Conference on Early Childhood Education: Secure Childhood.. Promising Future”. In 2015, the symposium on “Reassuring the Role of the Family in Protecting Children against Aggression and Terrorism” was convened. The Forum of this year is a continuation of the University commitment to the current childhood issues.

Furthermore, PNU is committed to participate in attaining Saudi Vision 2030. This Vision asserts the importance of the family and the development of children’s personalities to reach vivacious and strongly built society. Being conscious of the importance of the role of media in children’s development, and the University commitment to spread the awareness of Child’s Rights including the right of purposeful, friendly and suitable media. The topic of this year’s forum will be “Childhood and Modern Media” 

The Forum’s Objectives
• Continuing the commitment of Princess Noura Bint Abdulrahman University to Children’s issues through holding conferences and symposia and organizing workshops for the purpose of producing initiatives, projects and programs that contribute to children’s development.
• Raising awareness of children’s right to receive constructive and friendly media.
• Participating in the efforts to achieve Saudi Vision 2030 in the area of developing a vibrant society, supporting family education, and linking media with its various channels, to promote children’s personality development in the 21st Century.
• To be aware of recent research, theories and practices that support the utilization of child-friendly media and discussing the application and use of this information in strategies and programs that would benefit children. 
• Discussing the negative and positive influences of modern media on children and exploring various means to educate society in general, and the family in particular, on how to deal with modern media.
• Sharing local, regional and international experiences and identifying successful practices in child-friendly modern media.
• Understanding the role of modern media in consolidating the national identity of the Saudi child.
• Discussing intellectual vigilance and the challenges that face the family and society. Also, identifying approaches and actions to protect children from unsafe media.
• Recognizing the role of children in modern media through conversing with them and exploring their own experiences and contribution in modern media.