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Dean's speech

     Welcome from the Deanship of the Preparatory Year      We would like to congratulate you on joining the university, your home away from home, with your extended university family. This is where your journey begins, where your efforts and determination will be needed to prepare you to achieve your goals in your chosen major.      The university's achievements are directly linked to the success of its students, therefore, since its establishment, PNU has adopted a policy of open communication ...


Deanship News

    Deanship for Preparatory Year Honors Administrative Staff Members

    ​In honor of the Dean of the Preparatory Year, Dr. Maisoun Al-Othman, a ceremony was held on Tuesday, 16/8/1437 AH, for the administrative members of the deanship. After screening the Final Achievement film, the Dean delivered a speech in which she expressed her pride of the PY team that was responsible for this success, and thanked everyone for all the efforts they had exerted. She ended her speech...


    New PNUPortal Launched

    PNU, represented by the General Directorate of Information Technology and Communications, launched the PNU e-portal in its new look, after updating the portal’s content in Arabic and English.  Since its creation, the website has been directly monitored and supervised by the PNU Rector. Specialists from the General Directorate of Information Technology and Communications stated that they had laid...


    The closing ceremony for the preparatory year achievments

    ​ The closing ceremony for the Preparatory Yearfor the academic year 1434/1435 was held, in the presence of the Vice Rector ofAcademic Support and Students' Services,Dr. NaelaAl-Dayhan;the Vice Rector of Academic Affairs, Dr. NaderaAl-Moajel; and the Preparatory Year students and their mothers. The ceremony was held on Monday, 27/07/1435 AH, in the PNU Conference Hall to display and acknowledge...

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