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Dean's speech

    Praise be to Allah and prayers and peace be upon His prophet Muhammad, his family, and his companions.        The PNU Deanship for Libraries is concerned with the departments, sections, and utilities of the central library and the subsidiary libraries; and advertising the services offered through all libraries. The deanship strives to consolidate relations between beneficiaries and librarians to be able to provide optimal services with less time and effort. For this reason, the deanship has ...


Deanship News

    Deanship News for Shaaban 1437 AH

    To view e-newsletter for the Deanship for Libraries for the month of Shaaban 1437 AH, (press here). 


    College of Arts Trainees

    Receiving College of Arts' Trainee Students, Libraries Section  30/11/1435  The Deanship of Library Affairs, represented by Dr. Mona Abdul Aziz Abd​ul Ghaffar, and the Department of Public Relations and Media, received trainee students from the College of Arts, Libraries Section, on Monday, 11/20/1435 AH. The visit included a tour of the Central Library facilities to learn about the automated system...


    Friends of the Library

    Friends of the Library at the College of Arts Theater30/11/1435  The Deanship of Library Affairs, represented by the Friends of the Library, will participate in an event to be held at the Theater of the College of Arts, introducing the Central Library and the services it provides on Thursday 11/23/1435 AH, 18/09/2014.    ​



    Workshop entitled: "The Concept of a Healthy Marriage and the Importance of Following Medical Advice"The Deanship of Library Affairs plans to conduct the workshop entitled "The Concept of a Healthy Marriage and the Importance of Following Medical Advice" The workshop will be presented by Dr. Sabah Metwali, on Tuesday, 21/11/1435 AH. ​

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