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 A Word from the Chair of the Department

     The Computer Sciences and Information Technology Department affiliated with Community College was established to receive students as of the academic year 1434/1435 AH, after much study and efforts in developing academic programs that comply with labor market needs and fulfill national and international accreditation standards. 
     ​The department offers three programs, where students get to choose what suits them most according to the employment opportunities they seek. Each program focuses on different programming languages. The Web Design program focuses on teaching students most web technologies, while the Information Technology program covers Systems Management and Networks. 
     All three programs (two offered in Computer Science and the other offered in Information Technology) end with field trainings or projects that summarize the courses taken, thus qualifying students for work and enabling them to acquire teamwork and communications skills. 
Through our diverse academic programs, we work together to provide the labor market with distinguished cadres who have a competitive edge. 

Chair of the Computer Sciences and Information Technology Department