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 Vision, Mission and Objectives

     To achieve excellence at both local and international levels in providing quality academic programs that conform to labor market needs and serve the community. 

     ​Achieve leadership by providing the best academic and professional programs and qualifications to secondary school graduates, and providing students with the knowledge, skills, behaviors, and values that qualify them to handle the rapid economic, technological, and knowledge changes of the era. 

• Graduating cadres with distinguished academic qualifications, knowledge, skills, and professionalism to fulfill labor needs in both public and private sectors.  
• Implementing diverse up-to-date academic and qualifying programs to fulfill community needs of the different specializations to keep abreast with development plans and labor market needs. 
• Disseminating knowledge and awareness and increasing the sense of responsibility through courses, lectures, and general and specialized seminars. 
• Increasing PNU capacity of new students by accepting them into qualifying programs. 
• Activating the role of the community as a partner in the educational process, in partnership with different community sectors.
• Participating in training, continuing education, and community development by providing human and financial resources.