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 Academic Partnerships

As part of the ambitious objectives of PNU to establish a comprehensive strategy for the development of its academic programs and the enhancement of its outputs, the establishment of cooperation and partnership foundations and initiating successful international experiences in the most eminent of universities, PNU signed two service contracts with Valencia College, located in Orlando, Florida, for the establishment of the PNU Community College, newly founded in 1433. 
It is worth mentioning that Valencia College has recently achieved first place in the Aspen Award among 1,200 competing community colleges. This was the result of the high rates of employment among its graduates and the high rates of transfers and graduation, especially among minorities. Valencia College also achieved fourth place among the colleges and universities that offer the Associate degree in 2011. 
• Through the first contract, PNU seeks to develop five academic programs for the Managerial Sciences Department and the Computer and Information Technology Department. PNU also seeks to provide recommendations and participate in developing the vision of the Community College, its mission, and objectives as part of a comprehensive strategic plan. 

• The second contract with Valencia College was concluded during the Fifth Meeting of the International Conference for Higher Education, at the Riyadh International Center for Conferences and Exhibitions. The contract provides the services necessary for developing academic curricula and plans for the two new academic programs: The Information Technology Program (Computer and Information Technology Department), and the Accounting Technology Program (Managerial Sciences Department).