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 Initiative for Supporting Productive Families

Cooperative Project between PNU and Benyan Women’s Charity Association for Family Development
Basics of E-Business Course (ADM 223)
Supervised by: Nour Al-Rasheed
 Benyan Women’s Charity Association for Family Development
Benyan is a charity association that aims to shift the less-fortunate families in the Riyadh area from the receiving end to become productive and achieve independence. The charity also aims to raise the levels of living, awareness, and ambition in the less-fortunate families, and contribute to activating the developmental role of the family, establishing centers for training and family consultations, and cooperating with other charities (for more information on Benyan, press here).

Basics of E-Business Course
This is one of the marketing track courses in the Management Sciences Department at the PNU Community College. By taking this course, students will learn how to use technology in marketing and developing their skills in that field. With corporate responsibility and community service in mind, the idea of cooperation with Benyan was born, and it involved implementing e-marketing to support productive families. Each group of students would adopt a family and support it through a website, a page on social media, and email marketing. 

Following are the students’ projects


       Cinnamon sticks






        Boutique Reza 


    Passion of crochet


      World ornaments


      Hanouf makeup 

      Technical support

             Dantel faj


         AkalatJnent Omi


        Wedding dress


         Yummy dishes


           Green store


            Saudi bun


        Beauty touches




         House kitchen


       Women kitchen


       Sweet for sweet


             Pink dish


       Traditional food

     Fakhamet Al-Oud


           Pure Stone







           Magic taste







         Delicious food

         Matbakh Al-Oleen


        Delicious table


        Riyadh kitchen


      My kitchen table





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