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 Programs and Academic Degrees

1. The Management Sciences Department offers three programs:
• Office Management.
• Business Administration.
• Marketing.

2. The Computer and Information Technology Department offers two programs:
• Programing.
• Web Design.
• Information technology.

Academic Degrees:
The college offers an Associate Degree in Arts or Science, which is an intermediate university degree that allows its holder to find suitable work. 
1. Management Sciences:
Business Administration:
The program aims to qualify graduates to work in both public and private sectors, thus fulfilling labor market needs for specialized cadres in the fields of Business Administration and Management Information Systems, to regulate the process of decision-making at managerial levels throughout production units. 

Employment Opportunities:
Job opportunities in banks, hospitals, schools, institutions, and training centers as:
1. Personnel Officer.
2. Payroll Officer.
3. General Services Manager.
4. Administrative Inspector.
5. Training Specialist.
6. Purchasing Officer.
7. Tenders Officer.
- Office Management:
The program aims to qualified cadres to work in the fields of Management and Office Secretariats in both public and private institutions, especially in banks for women. 

Employment Opportunities:
1. Office Manager.
2. Personal Secretary.
3. Secretary.
4. Clerk.
5. Administrative Assistant.
6. Examinations Registrar.
7. Supply Officer.

- Marketing:
This program aims to graduate qualified cadres with skills to manage marketing operations in relevant institutions or small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs).

Employment Opportunities:
1. Salesperson.
2. Media and Advertising Specialist.
3. Assistant Purchasing Officer.
4. Revenue Collector.
5. Attendance Officer.
6. Sales or Purchasing Officer.
7. Product Planning and Design Specialist.

- Accounting Techniques:
2. Computer Sciences Programs:
- Programming.
- Web Design.
- Information technology.

These three programs aim to qualify students to be able to fulfill the technological requirements of commercial and government businesses, and work in the field of electronic devices in all types of institutes. In these programs, focus is more on technical aspects rather than information dissemination. 

Employment Opportunities:
1. Support Services and Technical Support in all types of institutes.
2. Computer Operator.
3. Systems Analyst.
4. Programming Assistant.
5. Computer Lab Operator.
6. Electronic Equipment Technician.
7. Communications Technician.
- Information Technology Program