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Dean's speech

           It is an honor for me to be the founder and first Dean for the PNU College of Dentistry, established by virtue of royal approval in 1433 AH.      PNU, represented by the Vice Rector of Health Affairs, has high ambitions to improve the colleges of medicine, dentistry, and the university hospital and turn them into models of partnership, communication, and cooperation in the healthcare sector.      ​Being the most recent College ...


College News

    PNU College of Dentistry Implements the Educational

    ​Japanese patient “Hesa” is subjected to tens of daily checkups administered by PNU College of Dentistry Students. She has become a favorite with the students who check, implant, remove, and re-implant her teeth over and over again each day. And while the treatment sessions are quite long and repetitive, she responds well to them and repeats them gladly and cooperatively in order to help students with...


    PNU College of Dentistry Organizes First Scientific Research Day

    The Vice Deanship for Scientific Research and Postgraduate Studies at the College of Dentistry organized the First Scientific Research day at PNU. The event is launched with high ambitions that it will contribute to major shifts in all fields, in particular, consolidating the culture of scientific research and promoting scientific research that can benefit society in general and dentistry in particular....


    Introductory Meeting for New College of Dentistry Students

    The Dean of the College of Dentistry, Dr. Ebtesam Al-Madi, met with the new students on Monday, 9/11/1436 AH, corresponding to 24/8/2015. The meeting started with an introduction about the college, the academic plan, and PNU rules and regulations. The Dean stressed the importance of the meeting as it will provide students with awareness and will introduce them to ways that will allow them to successfully...


    International Cooperation between PNU College of Dentistry and Dundee University, Scotland

    PNU has signed MoUs with a number of international universities, on the margin of the PNU wing participating in the Sixth Meeting of the International Higher Education Exhibition and Conference.  One of the MoUs was signed between the PNU College of Dentistry and Dundee University; a leading educational institution in Scotland, offering undergraduate and postgraduate programs and research studies...


    Technical Developments in Dentistry and the Role of the Dental Team” Lecture at the College of Dentistry

    The College of Dentistry at Princess Nourah  bint Abdulrahman University presented a lecture on the "Technical Developments in Dentistry and the Role of the Dental Team" on Wednesday, 05/01/1436 AH (10/29/2014 AD), by Visiting Professor, Dentist and Maxillofacial Technician, Dr. Emma Worrell, from  Queen Victoria Hospital. The Dean of Health Affairs, Dr. Mohammed bin Yahya Al-Shahri, the...

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