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Dean's speech

           Praise be to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds, prayers and peace be upon His Prophets and Messengers.      The College of Education seeks to achieve excellence and leadership in the field of scientific research in the area of community services, based on the principles of Islam, the generous support of our government, the continuous follow-up of Her Excellency the Rector, and the effective contribution of all members of the academic and administrative bodies. The College of Education includes ...


College News

    PNU College of Education Delegates Visit King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Public Education Development Project

    ​Upon the invitation from the Tatweer project to discuss a proposed partnership in school development, a delegation from the PNU College of Education and the affiliated Schools Supervision Department visited the King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Public Education Development Project.  The visit comes in alignment with the PNU objectives concerning the educational development of society by contributing in...


    The World through My Lens Workshop

    On Sunday, 9/6/1436, the Students’ Activities Office held a workshop titled “The World through My Lens” at the students’ activities headquarters. The workshop was presented by professional photographer Abir Al-Waqeet, who introduced the principles of photography. The workshop was well-received by the student. ​ ​


    “Al-Roqey” Campaign

    The Students’ Activities Office held the one-week “Roqey” (Sophistication) campaign on Sunday, 17/5/1436. The campaign was held throughout the college, and was organized by Dr. Amal Al-Garallah, Head of Students’ Activities at the College of Education, and Ghada Al-Oteiby, Head of Environment Friends Club at the college. The campaign included many interesting events that were positively received...


    Osteoporosis Awareness Campaign

    On Monday, 4/5/1436, the Students’ Activities Office held a campaign titled “Osteoporosis Awareness”. The campaign was carried out by the Early Childhood Department under the leadership of Activity Coordinator Dr. Abir Zoheir, and at the Curricula and Teaching Methods Department, under the leadership of Mona Al-Azaz. The campaign was held in the back lobby of the College of Education, and included...

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