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Dean's speech

         The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has been witnessing extensive development recently; a development that has been characterized by its qualitative and quantitative expansion in the health services sector.  This expansion necessitates the qualification of human cadres that conform in quality to the generous funds that have been specifically allocated for this purpose.       ​To achieve this objective, the PNU College of Nursing was established, to supply the nation along with the other academic institutions with ...


College News

    PNU College of Nursing Implements Direct Admission System

    ​From Saturday, 21/08/1437 to Tuesday, 24/08/1437, the PNU College of Nursing held an information booth to introduce direct admissions to the college, and to receive the students who had come for the collective exam. The information booth was held at the PNU College of Fine Arts and Design. Brochures with a summarized description for the nursing profession and its different specializations were distributed....


    PNU Embraces the “Science Benefiting People” Exhibition Events

    As part of its distinctive scientific and research activities, the King Salman Center for Disability Research organized its mobile exhibition “Science Benefitting People”, in cooperation with the PNU College of Nursing, at its headquarters in Riyadh. The 3-week event took place during 3-21 May 2015.  The exhibition is one of the new projects launched by the center, as part of its strategic plan...


    Book Fair Visit

    The Book Fair is an annual event held in Riyadh. On Wednesday, 11/5/1435 AH, students of the College of Nursing visited the Book Fair, from 10:00 am to 12:00 noon.The students visited the PNU wing and reviewed the latest publications. After the visit, the students expressed their satisfaction with the Book Fair and thanked visit organizers. ​​​


    College of Nursing Celebrates Eid ul Fitr

    Under the auspices of Her Excellency the Dean of the College of Nursing, Dr. Hanaa Ibrahim Al-Sabaiel, and Eid ul Fitr celebration was held on Monday, 29/11/1435 AH, with the presence of faculty members and administrative staff members.During the celebration, the Deanwelcomed the attendees and wished them a happy academic year full of hard success.A suggestions box was also placed where staff members...

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