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 Operational Excellence

The concept of operational excellence at the King Abd Allah University Hospital:
     All these fundamental pillars have shaped the strategic goals, along with the key performance indicators, which help in monitoring our development and achieving operational excellence. Operational excellence can be achieved when all these factors are incorporated in an acceptable manner. 
The following are the basics supporting operational excellence:
1. Strategy application.
2. Excellence in procedures.
3. Human resource development.
Pillars of Operational Excellence:
Patients’ Care:
     The goal is to provide patients with the best possible health care, with effective and safe results. Through the patient-centered culture, the patients and their families will be able to identify their needs to enable us to fulfill them, in addition to developing relationships with the patients and their families to help them understand their vital role in the healing process and care plan.
Excellence in Clinical Education:
     The hospital has a unique learning and innovative environment that depends on learning and participation, by building cooperation and encouraging teamwork on all levels, so that each individual will be able to participate in improving care methods, including patients’ safety throughout the entire hospital system. The establishment of structure, roles and specific responsibilities as well as providing adequate education and awareness will help in finding methods to communicate responsibilities and enhance transparency.
Partnership Excellence:
     ​Partnership excellence is achieved by supporting and encouraging participations with students, patients, health care practitioners, researchers, and national and international health institutes. Partnerships may extend beyond education and training to a broader field of cooperation, including health care and research projects that provide value and mutual benefits. The development of cooperation with partners locally and internationally will appear in the hospital's strategy of openness to diversity, learning and participation and that will contribute to the process of operational excellence.