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 Transferring from one college to another inside the university


Dear Student,

In case you wish to transfer from one college to another within the university, kindly review conditions of transfer and dates of submitting the application and its mechanism.


Conditions of transfer:


1.    That the student’s GPA shall not be less than (3.75), with the importance of the student passing capabilities test for (the college of designs and arts) and the personal interview for colleges requiring the same.
2.    The student shall not have the right to apply to trasfer after conducting specialty by the end of the preparatory year unless after completing one academic semester in the specialty in which she was accepted.
3.    The student shall have the right to transfer to the faculty of arts for the preparatory year after the end of the first academic year in case of obtaining excellent grade or the end of a full academic year in case of obtaining a very good grade, along with considering that the student enrolling to the preparatory year shall be considered a new student and courses completed in the faculty of art shall not be counted.
Mechanism of submitting the transfer application
1.    The student shall apply by completing the transfer form number (4) click here.
2.     The form shall be sent to the following email ( along with completing all data in full, correctly and clearly and adding contact numbers and enclosing a copy of the university ID.
3.    After submitting the application, a reply will be sent indicating receipt and correctness of data within 48 hours from receipt of the e-mail.


In case you do not receive a reply to your e-mail during the specified period, you could contact the deanship on 2290236 ext. (231).


Dates of submitting applications 


Internal transfer


First academic semester for year 1432 – 1433H from 1/1/1433 – 12/1/1433H
Second academic semester for year 1432 – 1433 H from 22/5/1433 – 4/6/1433H


Note: any transfer application submitted after the end ofthe specified period will not be considered.