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 PNU Award for Women’s Excellence Press Conference

​With the attendance of PNU Rector, Dr. Hoda bint Mohamed Al-Ameel, Head of the PNU Award for Women's Excellence Committee, the Award Secretariat held a press conference on Sunday 17/4/1438 AH (15/1/2017 CE) to announce the award.

PNU announced the award for the first time in KSA. The award that has been approved by the Ministers' Council aims to support women's achievements and comprehensively highlight their work. The award committee includes elite representatives from both public and private sectors for women.

The award focuses on and highlights the achievements of Saudi women, their excellence and creativity; motivates the new generation of women to contribute to comprehensive development; and supports distinguished women's theoretical and practical accomplishments.

Dr. Aziza Al-Manea, Award Secretariat and Committee Rapporteur, stated that this initiative supports the achievements of excelling Saudi women in eight fields of scientific research, programs, and initiatives: Literature, humanities, natural sciences, health sciences, social initiatives, economic projects, charities, and art works.

She also added that the objective of the award is to encourage the participation of women in the fields of scientific research and social development. Winners will be chosen by a specialized jury according to merit and award terms.

She also announced the topics of the award:

-  In Literature (Young People's Literature), the topic "Novels for Young People" was nominated.

-  In Humanities (Studies in Media), the topic "The reality of Saudi external media and its role in supporting the status of the KSA and its political and cultural influence internationally" was nominated.

- In Natural Sciences and Technology Research (Chemistry and Physics), the topic "Nanotechnology manufacturing, deployment, and applications" was nominated.

- In Health Sciences Research (Non-contagious Diseases), the topic "Obesity in Children" was nominated.

- In Social Projects, Initiatives, and Programs (Projects, Initiatives, and Programs for Addressing Social Issues), the topic "Projects, Initiatives, and programs that aim to enable women as to economy, laws, and awareness" was nominated.

- In Economic Programs and Projects (Small Projects), the topic "Production and Manufacturing Projects" was nominated.

- In Community Development Programs and Projects (Leading Programs in Family Enablement in Popular Neighborhoods), the topic with the same name was nominated.

-  In Art Initiatives, Programs, and Projects (Design Works), the topic "Initiatives for developing heritage crafts to become modern arts" was nominated.  

Dr. Aziza Al-Manea also referred to the award nomination process that takes place via both public and private sectors; academic and cultural institutions; and individuals. Nominations are to be sent to the General Secretariat for the PNU Award before the announced deadline every year.


Award Website: PNU Award for Women's Excellence

The award offers each winner the PNU Shield, a certificate of acknowledgment, a summary of the award-qualifying project, and the amount of 100,000 SAR.

For more information on the award, its terms, and nomination mechanisms, please visit the website:

PNU Award for Women's Excellence​