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 College of Arts

Overview The establishment of the PNU research centers was approved on 10/1/1435 AH. There are five research centers, including that of the College of Arts. On that same date, the board of directors for the center was also approved. 


To effectively contribute to the field of research and humanity studies to achieve leadership and excellence.


Provide a motivating research environment to enhance scientific research, projects, and research supported by the Deanship for Scientific Research.


- Activate and develop scientific research in all fields by funding research projects or through joint cooperation with the public or private sector.

- Link the policies of scientific research with PNU objectives and community needs.

- Support distinguished faculty members and graduate students through excellence bonuses for distinguished researchers.

- Focus on the output quality by providing a motivating research environment with clear procedures.

- Support original research that is creative or innovative and research that stresses the national, Arab, and Islamic identity.

- Raise the level of research by determining College of Arts' faculty members' training needs, and hold training courses in coordination with the Deanship for Development.



- Prepare the annual plans for the center and follow-up on their implementation after being approved.

- Proposing objectives and general strategies for research activities in the College of Arts departments and following-up on their implementation.

- Communicating with the academic departments to motivate and encourage their support for research.

- Encouraging the formation of research groups and teams in different specializations.

- Supporting research projects according to the by-laws and regulations of scientific research.

- Raising the level of research by determining College of Arts' faculty members' training needs, and hold training courses in coordination with the Deanship for Development.

- Submitting publishing requests for distinguished theses, academic books, and research.

- Establishing a database for scientific production for College of Arts' faculty members.

- Establishing a database for the currently executed research, to be checked against the approved plan for each research.

- Establishing a database for the completed research to be exchanged with relevant universities and research centers according to the nature of the research.

- Establishing a database for peer reviewers in all college specializations from Saudi universities.

- Facilitating researchers' tasks by communicating and entering into partnerships with specialized centers and institutions for the exchange of information and experiences and assist researchers as needed.

- Providing academic advice to entities concerned with the specializations of the College of Arts.

- All other tasks within scope of work.


Target Group:

- College of Arts' faculty members.

- College of Arts' graduate students.

- College of Arts' final year undergraduates.

Board of Directors:


Department and Specialization

Professor Dr. Sara bint Faraj Al-Aqlaa

Professor of Faith and Contemporary Doctrines, and Head of the Faith Master Program, Islamic Studies Department

Professor Dr. Najah Qablan Hamad Al-Qablan

Professor of Libraries and Information, and Vice Dean for Scientific Research

Dr. Nourah bint Abdullah Al-Ajlan

Associate Professor of Economical Geography, Geography Department

Dr. Fatma bint Ali Bakhashwein

Associate Professor of Ancient History

Dr. Somaya bint Roumi Al-Roumi

Associate Professor of Literature, Arabic Language Department

Professor Dr. Badreya bint Khaled Al-Qablan

Professor of Libraries and Information, and Vice Dean for Quality, College of Languages and Translation

Achievements during Academic Year 1436/1437 AH

First: Updating the Scientific and Research Production Guide for Faculty Members

The Research Center affiliated to the College of Arts issued a guide documenting the scientific and research productions of the college's faculty members. The guide includes:

 Faculty members' Master and PhD theses.

 Research published in refereed scientific journals, and research submitted in local and international conferences.

 The sorting mechanism is listed in the annual report and in the beginning of the guide. 

(A complete edition of the guide was printed and we await its posting to the PNU website).

Following are the statistics for the faculty members' research:


Research Published during 1432-1437 AH at the PNU College of Arts


Academic Year

Islamic Studies

Arabic Language and Literature


Language and Literature



Libraries and Information




































Source: Scientific Production Guide, 3rd edition

Second: Funded Research Projects

The research center received the research projects for the academic year 1436/1437 AH, and the dates have been set by the Deanship for Scientific Research for receiving research projects funding requests. During this period, the center performed the following tasks:

- Received the requests during the period specified by the deanship.

Six (6) research projects were received as follows:




Islamic Studies


Arabic Language



Currently, the funding procedures are under way, as well as the follow-up on the previous projects to facilitate completion of procedures and guarantee that projects are completed on time.


Third: Scientific Publishing:

The center completed all procedures relevant to the scientific publishing requests that were submitted during the previous year.


Fourth: Supporting Emerging Researchers:

The Emerging Researchers Support Program is offered by the Deanship for Scientific Research, and targets faculty members who publish research or whose research is accepted for publishing during the first two years after their appointment assistant professors.


Fifth: Training Courses:

The center has held a number of training courses to raise the level of academic competencies and develop search skills in graduate students. After receiving suggestions, the Deanship has agreed to execute ten courses. The first five courses were held during the first semester and witnessed the participation of 154 trainees. The remaining five courses were held during the second semester and witnessed the participation of 157 trainees.


Sixth: Research Groups Formation Proposal

The center submitted to the Deanship of Scientific Research a proposal for forming research groups to serve researchers.


Seventh: Updating the E-Achievement package on the link "mrkazalbhothsite"

Eighth: Facilitating Researcher Tasks

The center sought to provide task facilitation letters for those researchers interested in completing research projects' steps. A number of letters have been issued addressing the concerned entities. 


Ninth: Supporting the Authoring of Books

A form referred by the Studies Department council for the book by Dr. Nourah Al-Hasawi was submitted. The book is titled "Features of the Daily Life for Women in the Prophet's Era".


Tenth: Professor-Student Joint Research

The research center affiliated with the College of Arts participated in the supervision of this initiative. The center developed its vision, mission, and objectives, and exerted all efforts to ensure their success. The former Dean of the College of Arts, Professor Dr. Al-Bendari bint Abdul Aziz Al-Ajlan came up with this great idea. The meeting produced a number of recommendations that can be activated in institutions, universities, and research centers concerned with encouraging scientific research.​