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 College of Arts and Design

Contribute to the publication of scientific research and achieve international leadership.

Excellence in conducting scientific research and studies, and becoming the nucleus of a center for technical and scientific consultations in the Kingdom seeking to disseminate, facilitate, and encourage scientific research.

The center was established at the beginning of year 1435 AH, to assume the responsibility of overseeing and monitoring research, and encourage studies in the College of Fine Arts and Design, thus becoming a leading addition to the successive achievements of PNU. The center is of the most important research centers in the Kingdom.
The center is located in the College of Fine Arts and Design, which is one of the newest colleges at PNU, and includes a number of academic departments that are able to fulfill the needs of the labor market:
1. Visual Art and Printing
2. Sculpture
3- Interior Design
4. Graphic Design and Digital Media
5. Innovation and Product Design
6. Fashion Design and Textiles
7. History of Art

• Provide a suitable scientific research environment​ for college researchers, each in her specialization.
• Support applied research compatible with college disciplines and activate its outputs in the labor market.
• Specialize in the field of fine arts and design, and represent PNU in events concerned with scientific research and studies.
• Establish active partnerships with research centers and institutes at local and international levels.
• Form research groups in the specializing academic departments.

Research Priorities:
The center depends on a number of research tracks or fields that have been approved by the PNU Deanship for Postgraduate Studies and Scientific Research to take priority in funding, compatible with the needs of the development plans in Saudi Arabia. The following are the most important research priorities identified for the College of Fine Arts and Design:
1. The development of academic programs to accommodate labor market needs.
2. The application of new technologies in art and design productions.
3. The development of innovation and creativity skills in art and design.
4. The documentation and publication of art using scientific and academic methods.
5. The development of art outputs to conform to contemporary trends, while maintaining identity and authenticity.
6. Quality-based development of art and design.
7. Activating the role of art products in the local economy as an investment.
8. Applying concepts of sustainability in art and design.
9. Explore energy applications in art and design.
10. Achieve a knowledge-based economy and its implementation in art and design.

To Contact the College of Fine Arts and Design Research Center:
Riyadh, Airport Road, Princess Nourah bint Abdulrahman University, College of Fine Arts and Design, Riyadh 11671, P.O. Box 84428
2nd Floor, Office: 2.504.51
Phone: 0118237848