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 College of Sciences


In light of the increasing development in knowledge and PNU’s aspirations to attain excellence and regional and international leadership, Her Excellence the PNU Rector approved the establishment of five research centers to serve and encourage academic research in various scientific, literary, artistic, and educational fields and social sciences, to overcome all obstacles and provide support and advice in accordance with academic research statutes.
The establishment of a scientific research center for pure and applied science in the PNU College of Science is a realization of the mission of the university and its objectives are to promote scientific research with innovations, produce results that contribute to invention, and support the future vision of PNU in achieving international leadership and community partnership by participating in useful applications.

The College of Science research center was established and inaugurated by virtue of the PNU Rector’s resolution no. (159/1 gna), dated 10/1/1435 AH.
Achieve local and international excellence and leadership, and invest knowledge in theoretical and applied research areas.

To establish a distinguished research center in the fields of mathematics, physics, applied chemistry, biotechnology, and molecule biology, and to adopt programs and research projects that promote and strengthen community partnership.

1. Quality
2. Excellence
3. Integrity
4. Cooperation

1. Link scientific research with PNU objectives and national development plans.
2. Encourage scientific research in PNU, according to the research priorities proposed by the Deanship for Postgraduate Studies and Scientific Research.
3. Contribute to the transfer of knowledge and serve the society through community partnerships.
4. Encourage and integrate partnerships between the different disciplines in the College of Science, in order to develop, innovate and apply new theories and different techniques.
5. Transfer and localize modern technology.
6. Attract distinguished scientific and academic cadres.
7. Develop beginning researchers’ capabilities by holding courses and workshops in all areas of scientific research.
8. Encourage research by providing an attractive and stimulating environment to support excellence and innovation for researchers in all areas of knowledge to achieve international leadership.

Target Groups:
 Faculty members
 Students of the PNU College of Science
 PNU students through supporting graduation projects
 Researchers in relevant research centers.

Center Priorities:
As the College of Science Research Center serves a large segment of faculty members of different specialties, mostly in the fields of mathematics, physics, biology, and chemistry, the center’s research priorities are as follows:
Priority is given to research projects in the field of mathematics:
1. Research projects and the applications of which include medical science issues and the relevant mathematical models and their different forms; for example, ordinary and partial differential equations, linear and non-linear equations and models.
2. Research in pure mathematics, for their importance in the medical, scientific, engineering, commercial, and industrial fields.

Priority of research projects in the field of physics is given to projects that discuss:
1. Identifying the characteristics of air pollutants levels and types, and ways to reduce them.
2. Renewable energy alternatives.
3. Applied methods of diagnosis using bio-nanotechnology.
4. Methods of building micro-bodies to be used in the medical field.
5. Modern and smart methods to build nanoparticles, and the latest micro-technology methods and their multiple uses.

Priority for research projects in the field of biology is given to projects that discuss:
1. Toxicity of drugs and pathogen resistance.
2. Genetic engineering and its applications.
3. Applications of nanotechnology to human health.
4. Micro-organism studies.
5. Use of medicinal plants to cure diseases and for prevention.

Priority is given for research projects in the field of chemistry for projects that discuss:
1. The study of materials science containing metal decay and alloys, in addition to their use and applications.
2. The study of ceramics, its preparation and physical properties.
3. Preparing different types of polymers "plastic", their properties, uses, and recycling.
4. Physiochemical or biological wastewater treatment technologies.
5. The preparation and study of compound materials and their uses, for example, "nonmetric compounds".

Organizational Chart:

Center Council:
1. Dr. Munira bint Abdul Aziz Al-Abdan, Center Director
2. Dr. Zakeya Mahmoud bint Mahmoud Tolbah, Member
3. Dr. Sanaa bint Abdullah Zarea, Member
4. Dr. Hoda Abdel Rahman bint Al-Bareih, Member
5. Dr. Aisha bint Mohammed Al-Rajhi, Member

Center Secretary:
Faiza Abu Marefah

Center Aspirations:
 Prepare a comprehensive central research laboratory to serve with its facilities most scientific disciplines in the College of Science, equipped with the devices purchased from the research projects budget​ funded by academic research.
 Conclude agreements and partnerships between the center and the relevant entities.
 Establish an academic journal to publish research in the field of basic sciences.
 Hold an international science conference.
 Provide research consultations in the fields of pure and applied science and methods of preparing and publishing research projects.
 Create a database of peer reviewers in various scientific disciplines and scientific publishing entities.