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 College of Social Services

Believing in its role in the formation of knowledge and in supporting academic research, Princess Nourah bint Abdulrahman University (PNU) has established in a number of specialized research centers. The College of Social Services Research Center is one of those centers, which, in cooperation with its deanship and departments, motivates researchers interested in social affairs to conduct research and provide support and advice in accordance with the regulations of PNU and the Deanship of Postgraduate Studies and Scientific Research.

The Social Services Research Center was established by virtue of the administrative decision made by the PNU Rector, decision no. 162/1, on 10/1/1435 AH.

Achieve excellence in social researches that address local and global issues.
To create a stimulating research environment for faculty researchers that allows them to carry out and disseminate distinguished researches in various social fields, disseminate academic knowledge and expertise through academic meetings, contribute to the employment of academic research in addressing social problems, and participate in the process of continuous development, and community and environmental service.

The First Objective: Attention to academic research in the social fields, achieved through:
1. Motivating researchers, directing them toward academic research, and eliminating its obstacles.
2. Supporting research projects in accordance with the rules and regulations of the Deanship of Postgraduate Studies and Scientific Research.
3. Disseminating academic theses.
4. Disseminating academic textbooks.
5. Evaluating research projects submitted to the center.
6. Providing academic and research advice for researchers and postgraduate students.

The Second Objective: Attention to academic meetings in the social fields, achieved through:
7. Providing special programs to serve the community, through the organization of a number of academic events, such as meetings, conferences, seminars and lectures specialized in the areas addressed by the center.
8. Contributing to the development of research cadres’ skills through training programs, workshops and training courses in specialized areas addressed by the center.

The Third Objective: To provide academic consultation and exchange knowledge experiences with societal institutions, achieved through:
9.  Providing academic consultations to public and private institutions.
10. Establishing academic partnerships with internal and external academic research centers.
11. Exchanging visits with corresponding research centers and institutions.
12. Contributing to the training of social workers on the use of modern academic and technical methods, educating them and elevating their research and academic competence in various areas of social welfare.

Target Groups:
• College of Social Services faculty members
• PNU Students
• Social workers and practitioners in public and private institutions

Center Priorities:
• To encourage researchers to work through research teams, by giving them priority in support to raise the level of academic research, generalize benefits, and allow the exchange of specialized research experiences.
• Give priority to applied social research related to national issues and the emerging phenomena in society, which require rapid intervention.

Center Members:





Haifa bint Abdul Rahman bin Shalhoub, PhD

Center Director


Professor Latifa Abdullah Al-Laheeb, PhD



Hessa bint abdulrahman Al-Sannad, PhD



Hessah Saleem Al-Jahni, PhD



Hind Ayed Al-Jahni, PhD