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 Student Council

Students’ Advisory Council:
The Students’ Advisory Council is agroup of students who are elected to represent PNUstudents. The Council helps develop a safe and supportive university enviornment that promotes students’ services. The Council is committed to achieving its objectives in accordance with the regulations, laws, and provisions in place atPNU.

1. Building and developing a student personality nationally, socially and culturally followingSharia principles.
2. Developing a spirit of leadership among the students and allowing them to express their opinions in a responsible manner.
3. Educating students about their rights and duties in accordance with the PNUregulations in place.
4. Focusingonstudent issues, and solving problems in cooperation with the PNUadministration.
5. Providing a proper healthy atmosphere for dialogue and respect for others' opinions.
6. Fostering a spirit of cooperation and teamwork among students.
7. Supporting and promoting cultural, scientific, social, and sport activities.
8. Urging students to participate actively and effectively in the planning and organization of all matters related to their studies.
9. Collaborating with PNU in the development of students’ services in light of their actual requirements.
10. Fostering ties between PNU students, faculty, and administrative staff.


1. Representing the Council before the bodies in charge at PNU, before official institutions in Saudi Arabia, and before corresponding student organizations, according to PNU regulations.
2. Convening council meetings.
3. Preparing meeting agendas.
4. Chairing council meetings.
5. Distributing tasks among council members.
6. Coordinating the implementation of group activities, and continuous communication with members to find solutions to all issues.
7. Signing the correspondences and documents issued by the council after their approval by the Dean of Students’ Affairs.

1.  Performing the tasks of the Chairperson during her absence or as per official authorization by the Chairperson.
2.  Assisting the Chairperson and carrying out the tasks assigned to her by the Chairperson of the Council.

1. Announcing council meetings.
2. Preparing council agendas.
3. Setting-uplocation for council meetings.
4. Taking the minutes of meetings.
5. Signing and organizing the correspondences of the Council in special registers.
6. Receiving councilcorrespondences.
7. Saving councildocuments.
8. Maintaining permanent records that include the particulars of the members of the Council and the minutes of meetings, and signing these records and minutes.
9. Following-up on the recommendations of the Advisory Council, after being approved by the PNU Rector, with the relevant authorities at the University.

Members of the Council:
Each member:
1. Represents the official vote of the students of the Collegeto which she belongs.
2. Attends all meetings of the Advisory Council and participates actively in the meetings.
3. Supports the council's role in achieving the objectives stated in article3 herein.
4. Promotes programs and events throughout the campus.

Advisory Council Membership Criteria:
Any student who wishes to run for membership in the Council mustmeet the following conditions:
1) Be a regular student at the collegefor which she will be nominated and in which she will complete the bachelor's degree study duration.
2) Student must be admitted to the collegetwo semesters before nomination.
3) Have at least two semesters remaining beforegraduation.
4) Be of good conduct and behavior, no record of any disciplinary action.
5) Have a cumulative GPAof at least 3.50 out of 5.00.​
6) Possess effective communication skills and a team spirit.
7) Actively participate in extracurricular students’ activities and volunteer work.

Schedule of Student Advisory Council Elections for the Academic Year 1435/1436 AH




Commencement of running for elections

7 days

Sixth Week from 25/12/1435 AH to 1/1/1436 AH

Commencement of electoral campaigns

5 days

Seventh Week from 2-6/1/1436 AH

Voting (ballot)

Two days

Eighth Week from 12/13/1/1436 AH