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Rectorate's Speech

     Welcome to the website of the PNU Vice Rectorate. We hope that this website properly introduces you to the Vice Rectorate and the affiliated departments, and that it becomes one of the effective means of driving administrative development and comprehensive advancement throughout the university.  The mission of the University Vice Rectorate is to achieve technological excellence in the performance of financial and administrative operations. The Vice Rectorate effectively participates in realizing ...


Vice Rectorate News

    University Vice Rectorate Obtains ISO Certificate

    ​The University Vice Rectorate has obtained the international certificate ISO9001:2008, under the supervision of the PNU Vice Rectorate for Development and Quality, with the support of the University Vice Rector and the efforts of the Assistant to the Vice Rector and the committee formed of vice rectorate affiliates, thus placing emphasis on the .....


    New PNU Portal Launched

    PNU, represented by the General Directorate of Information Technology and Communications, launched the PNU e-portal in its new look, after updating the portal’s content in Arabic and English.  Since its creation, the website has been directly monitored and supervised by the PNU Rector. Specialists from the General Directorate of Information .....

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