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Dean's speech

    The Family Counseling Center is the first center in Saudi universities to specialize in families. The center was established as a result of increasing family problems and negative phenomena that threat the family safety and coherency. There was a need to correct some concepts related to family, marriage, divorce, having children, and solid upbringing bases.  In light of the importance of family coherence and its impact on the community, PNU established the center, firmly believing in its role ...


Latest News

    Awareness Campaign: Keep Your Eyes Up

    The Family Counseling Center held an awareness campaign titled “Keep Your Eyes Up” aiming to raise the level of students and employees’ awareness of the impact the excessive use of smart devices has on the family, and the importance of rationalizing their use. The campaign was held from Sunday, 19/1/1437 to Thursday, 23/1/1437, and included hosting a number of speakers from inside and outside the center,...

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