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About the Center

      A recommendation was submitted to the Higher Education Council for the establishment of the center in its session (73), held on 2/7/1434 AH. The council agreed to establish the PNU Center for Excellence in teaching and Learning in its decision (30/73/1434).  The center aims to enhance the quality of university education; through the services it provides faculty members and students in education and learning. The programs are composed of a myriad of training courses, workshops, roundtable ...


Latest News

    Phase II of EQA Initiative Launched

    Faculty members are the main bases for achieving the academic objectives of the university, as they have an effective role in the advancement of the educational process. Accordingly, the PNU Deanship for Development and Skills Enhancement, under the umbrella of the University Vice Rectorate for Development and Quality, initiated training programs for developing the professional and academic skills...

Center of Excellence for Education & Learning
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Teaching and Learning Excellence Award Initiative
Academic Talent Development Initiative
Teaching Effectiveness Measurement Initiative
Faculty Learning Communities Initiative
21st Century Classroom Initiative
Building Academic Research Capacity Initiative
Life-long Learning Initiative
Excellence and Quality Ambassadors Initiative
Developmental Initiatives Unit
Ambassadors of Excellence Initiative
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