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Department of Planning, Governance and Impact Yield Measurement

Planning and Development Unit:

 The Planning and Development Unit works on setting goals, strategic plans for the Center, performance indicators and follows-up on the achievement of these indicators. It also seeks to identify all the needs of the University's colleges for training courses and workshops so that they can be coordinated with the official entity at the Center for their implementation. In addition, the Unit works on the preparation and writing of the annual report on the work and achievements of the Center in cooperation with the other departments.


Impact Yield Measurement:

The Unit seeks to set evaluation plans and impact yield plans, and follows up their implementation as well as to compare performance, analyze results and review periodic reports from various departments and units of the Center to ensure that their objectives are achieved. The Unit also seeks to collect evidence for the achievement of indicators projected to the Center and to provide them to the University Vice-Rectorate for Development and Quality.