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​​​​​​​ ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Year​​ Author/s from ​​HSRCTitle​​​​​​​​​​ Link​
2017Nada Al Bawardi, 
Abdullah Almalki
Level of Sedentary Behavior and Its Associated Factors among Saudi Women Working in Office-Based Jobs in Saudi Arabia
2017Dr. Ibrahim Alabdul​​​​​​​​​kareem
Analysis of CCR5 gene polymorp​​​​​hisms in 321 healthy Saudis using Next Generation Sequencing
2017Dr. Ibrahim Alabdulkareem
Tracing the epidemic history of hepatitis C virus genotypes in Saudi Arabia https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.go​​v/pubmed/28458032
2018Prof. Hazzaa AlhazzaaBody Size Misperception and Overweight or Obesity among Saudi College-Aged Females
2018Prof. Hazzaa AlhazzaaLifestyle Behaviors and Obesity: Brief Observations from the Arab Teens Lifestyle Study (ATLS) Findings
2018Dr. Quratalain AL-ShaikhInterprofessional learning experiences: Exploring the perception and attitudes of Saudi Arabian medical and dental students
2018Dr. Quratalain AL-ShaikhKidney Transplantation in Sudan
2018Prof. Hazzaa AlhazzaaPhysical inactivity in Saudi Arabia revisited: A systematic review of inactivity prevalence and perceived barriers to active living
2018Prof. Hazzaa AlhazzaaDescriptive Analysis of Physical Activity Initiatives for Health Promotion in Saudi Arabi
2018Prof. Hazzaa AlhazzaaLifestyle Habits in Relation to Overweight and Obesity among Saudi Women Attending Health Science Colleges
2018Dr. Ibrahim AlabdulkareemDifferential Gene Expression in Peripheral White Blood Cells with Permissive Underfeeding and Standard Feeding in Critically Ill Patients: A Descriptive Sub-study of the PermiT Randomized Controlled Trial.
2019Dr. Salem AlswaidanMetformin as Adjunctive Therapy in Acanthosis Nigricans Treatment: Two Arms Single Blinded Clinical Trial
2019Prof. Hazzaa Alhazzaa,
​Nada Al Bawardi
Activity energy expenditure, screen time and dietary habits relative to gender among Saudi youth: interactions of gender with obesity status and selected lifestyle behaviours
2019Doaa AljasserPeritoneal dialysis related infections in a tertiary care hospital in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
2019Dr. Salem AlswaidanVitamin D Supplements as Adjunctive Therapy with Analgesics for Primary Dysmenorrhea: A Randomized Clinical Trial
2019Dr. Salem AlswaidanA Comprehensive Overview of Polypharmacy in Elderly Patients in Saudi Arabia.
2019Prof. Hazzaa AlhazzaaA Profile of Physical Activity, Sedentary Behaviors,Sleep, Dietary Habits of Saudi College Female Student;year=2019;volume=26;issue=1;spage=1;epage=8;aulast=Alzamil;type=0
2019Prof. Hazzaa AlhazzaaRising rural body-mass index is the main driver of the global obesity epidemic in adults
2019Dr. Ibrahim Alabdulkareem                               
Atypical influenza A(H1N1)pdm09 strains caused an influenza virus outbreak in Saudi Arabia during the 2009-2011 pandemic season
2019Reem AlkharjiMagnetically Assisted Control of Stem Cells Applied in 2D, 3D and In Situ Models of Cell Migration
2019Dr. Salem AlswaidanSafety and Efficacy of Gliflozin Group Among Patients with Type 2 Diabetes Including Patient's Satisfaction in Saudi Arabia
2019Dr. Salem AlswaidanEpidemiological Study on Saudi Women with Mild, Moderate and Severe Primary Dysmenorrhea 
2019Dr. Salem AlswaidanThe Effectiveness of Ferric Carboxymaltose in Childbearing Age with Iron Deficiency Anemia




Prof. Hazzaa AlhazzaaInsufficient Sleep Duration And Its Association With Breakfast Intake, Overweight/Obesity, Socio-Demographics And Selected Lifestyle Behaviors Among Saudi School Children.



Nada Al BawardiEpidemiology of Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia in Arab Countries: A Systematic Review​



Dr. Hanan AssiriCell Culture Manual for Beginner



Prof. Hazzaa AlhazzaaThe Relationship between Lifestyle Factors and Obesity Indices among Adolescents in Qatar 88352/



Prof. Hazzaa AlhazzaaAssociations of self-esteem with body mass index and body image among Saudi college-age females.

​Dr. Abdullah Alghannam
​Acute potassium phosphate intake after exercise has no effect on subsequent exercise-induced performance time, substrate oxidation, and food intake in men;year=2019;volume=19;issue=2;spage=43;epage=50;aulast=Daoud;type=0

Quratulain Shaikh,

Doaa Suliman Aljasser,

Abeer Masad Albalawi

Parenting behaviors, marital discord and the mental health of young females: a cross-sectional study from Saudi Arabia​​



2020Prof. Hazzaa Alhazzaa
Breakfast Consumption Among Saudi Primary-School Children Relative to Sex and Socio-Demographic Factors

​Reem AlKharji
​Cancer of Unknown Primary Site: Real Entity or Misdiagnosed Disease?

​Dr. Shaima Alothman
​The Association between Sedentary Behavior and Health Variables in People with Type 2 Diabetes

​Dr. Abdullah Alghannam
​Human Skeletal Muscle Mrna Expression In Response To Treadmill-based Endurance Training And Post-exercise Protein Supplementation

​Dr. Ibrahim AlAbdulkareem
​The effect of the VKORC1 promoter variant on warfarin responsiveness in the Saudi WArfarin Pharmacogenetic (SWAP) cohort
​Dr. Ibrahim AlAbdulkareem
​Evolving sequence mutations in the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus (MERS-CoV)
2020Nada Al Bawardi, 
Dr. Abeer AlTamimi,
Lama AlRasheed,
Prof. Hazzaa  Al-Hazzaa​
Associations of body image dissatisfaction with lifestyle behaviors among Saudi females attending fitness centersSubmitted for Publication

Dr. Abeer AlTamimi,

Nada Albawardi,

Mezna AlMarzooqi,

Mohanad Aljubairi,

Prof. Hazzaa  Al-Hazzaa​​

​Lifestyle Behaviors and Sociodemographic Factors Associated with Overweight or  Obesity among Saudi Females attending Fitness Centers​​​
Dr. Abdullah Alghannam
​Effect of carbohydrate–protein supplementation on endurance training adaptations