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About the Arabic Health Measures
​Health measures are an important research tool to collect data on a variety of constructs ranging from physical functioning to psychosocial wellbeing. They may be used for screening, diagnosis, measuring outcomes and other functions. As language can greatly affect the psychometric properties of an instrument, measurements that have been properly translated and validated in the Arabic language are key to improve the quality and efficiency of healthcare services and promote high quality research
While Arabic is the fifth most common language in the world, the number of validated Arabic health measures appears to be scarce. In addition, access to available measures also poses an additional obstacle. This website was established to provide the first comprehensive Arabic Health Measures database (AHM) which can assist users in their selection, access and appraisal of instruments. It also aims to increase the number of valid Arabic health measures by providing guidelines for translation and validation of instruments and opportunities to collaborate with other researchers to conduct such projects.

What are the objectives of AHM?
1.To provide an open access database of Arabic health measures 
2.To provide information on the scientific process of the translation, validation, and/or adaptation of health measures.
3.To reduce the time and effort required for searching for Arabic health measures by providing a user friendly platform.
4.To allow non-Arabic researchers and health care providers access to tools that may be used on Arabic speaking population worldwide.
5.To stimulate greater interest in Arabic health measure development and application in health service research.

Who can benefit from AHM?
Researchers, health care providers, educational institutions and the community. 
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