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Planning and Development Unit

​​​The Planning and Development Unit works toward achieving the strategic objectives of the Health Sciences Research Center which aim at promoting the culture of scientific research, enriching the knowledge in the field of health research, and attaining and sustaining operational excellence through development projects and trainings that create a supportive and stimulating environment for researchers, faculties, students, and the health practitioners working at KAAUH.​


Training and Development Office:

The Training and Development Office is committed to offering the best training services to researchers through collaborations with national and international experts and exploiting the internal scientific and technical resources. Around 114 workshops have been conducted, and 2000 researchers have been trained.​


·      Research Training Calendar

The service was launched in September 2016, and it aims at training faculties and students from the 5 health colleges at PNU, clinical researchers from KAAUH, and external researchers on basic and advanced medical research skills through lectures, workshops, and courses.

In order to build a solid infrastructure for scientific research culture and health research knowledge, the offered training activities were developed based on the expectations and aspirations of researchers. The subjects of these trainings include introduction to scientific research, advanced scientific research, research methodology, scientific research writing, and scientific research ethics.

All training activities are accredited by the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties, and they are provided by national and international health research experts with nominal fees for internal and external faculties and students.

For more information, please visit:


·      Health Research Skills Development Program

Launched in 2017, this program targets PNU’s students and staff that were recommended by their administrations. With its flexible hours, the program makes a great advantage for staff’s and students’ busy schedules.

Branches of the Program:​

-       Advanced Health Research Skills Development Program: for PNU's faculties

-    Basic Health Research Skills Development Program: for undergraduate and postgraduate students of PNU's health colleges​

This program was developed in accordance with the needs of the faculties and students at PNU's health colleges, and it aims to develop their research competencies and provide them with the opportunity to benefit from the experiences of other researchers.

The program is divided into 4 workshops on subjects that include research proposal, research methodology, review of research sources, and scientific research writing, with a total of 8 accredited hours.


·      Research Summer School

With a total of more than 200 hours, this 6-week program will be launched in summer 2020, targeting all male and female students of health colleges in Saudi Arabia. 

It aims to help students develop their clinical research skills and publish their scientific papers through its 6 weeks of intensive training that includes lectures, workshops, and practical applications. By the end of this program, students will be able to:

o   Write research proposals and scientific and clinical research

o   Design scientific posters​

·      Future Scientists

In collaboration with HSRC's Lifestyle and Health Research Center, this program was developed with the objective of enabling male and female high school students to gain more health science knowledge through 8 weeks of workshops and lectures, and thus contributing to the promotion of scientific research and the expansion of knowledge in the field of health sciences.


Contact us at: HSRC-ATA@PNU.EDU.SA

Strategic Management and Project Development Office:
This Office functions as the representative body of the Health Sciences Research Center as it ensures that its strategic objectives, which stem from PNU's and KAAUH'S objectives, are achieved. These objectives include collecting and analyzing data to evaluate the performance of the Center and track its accomplishments (KPIs), preparing quarterly reports, and managing development initiatives.

Contact us at: HSRC-PD@PNU.EDU.SA