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​​1.What is REDCap?

REDCap stands for Research Electronic Data Capture which is a secure web application for creating and managing online surveys and databases.

Although it is used for any type of work, but it is designed specifically to support online and offline data capture for research studies and operations effectively.

2.Who can use REDCap?

All PNU/KAAUH employees, PNU students and external users (none PNU/KAAUH affiliates).

3.How to get REDCap access. 

•PNU Faculties and KAAUH employees  access can be granted within 2 business days after completing REDCap orientation program and passing the quiz. 

•PNU Students and External Users (Collaborators)  access can be granted within 2 business days through a request raised by any PNU/KAAUH employee who had a REDCap access. 


All users who have not accessed REDCap in more than 90 days will have their accounts automatically suspended. If this happens, REDCap will display a message upon login informing the user that his/her account has been suspended. Users will be notified by email at the time of account suspensions and will receive the above message when attempting to login to REDCap.

4.What can I do in REDCap?

•Build online surveys and databases where you are in total control of its shaping.

•Generate reports and export data to common data analysis packages (Microsoft Excel, SAS, Stata, R, SPSS).

•Define project team members (data entry, statistician ….etc.) and control their privileges. 

•Manage a contact list (emails) for survey respondents and track who responds.

•Create a public survey link for public respondents.

•Save data collection instruments/survey as a PDF.

•And much more...

5.What are the advantages of using REDCap?

•Free >​ you don’t need to purchase it.

•Easy to use > no technical knowledge or prior experience is needed.

•Accessible > web-based access and can be used even through mobile application.

•Fast and flexible > from idea to launching survey/database in less than one day.

•Secure > installed on PNU firewall protected servers, and only authorized users allowed to access data based on their rights/roles on that project.

•Accurate Data > have data quality checks feature to look for errors besides audit trails for tracking data manipulation.

•HIPAA compliance > which is series of regulatory standards that outline the lawful use and disclosure of protected health information.

6.What do I need to use REDCap?

All you need is an internet and REDCap access. 

7.Do HSRC provides REDCap workshops and where can I find it?

Yes, you can find REDCap workshops for this academic year (2019-2020) through the below link:

8.Is there any other online training resources?

Yes, you can watch REDCap free video tutorials via the below link:

​9.How can I get REDCap support?

For any assistance or questions about REDCap, please contact REDCap Administrator through this email ( and you can also request for a free consultation with our team.