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Research Department
​​​About us

The Research Department works to provide a supportive and stimulating environment for various scientific and health research by equipping specialized laboratories and establishing high-quality ethical and scientific bases and standards that are consistent with the laws and regulations adopted in Saudi Arabia. It also aims to make the Health Sciences Research Center an attractive facility for locally and internationally distinguished researchers, and to promote scientific collaboration and exchange of ideas in all fields of scientific and health research among internal and external researchers. 
The Center has 10 research units that were inaugurated under the patronage of the University’s Rector and Her Excellency, the University’s Vice Rector of Health Affairs. The establishment of these units is consistent with the strategies of the University and the Health Sciences Research Center as well as the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 which aspires to achieve, among other things, research excellence and a stimulating research environment. 

Research Units and Core Facilities
          •   Core Labs                 

                   o   Genomics

                   o   Analytical Chemistry

                   o   Cell Culture

                   o   Flow Cytometry

          •   Research units:
                  1   Electrochemistry Research Unit
                  2   Environmental Research and Biological Materials Unit
                  3   Physiology and Biochemistry Research Unit
                  4   Hematology Research Unit
                  5   Histopathology Research Unit
                  6   Genome and Biotechnology Research Unit
                  7   Pharmaceutics and Pharmacokinetics Research Unit
                  8   Microbiology and Immunology Research Unit​

Research Services

The Department offers a wide range of high-quality research services by using state-of-the-art equipment and advanced analytical methods. These services cover various disciplines, including: genome, biotechnology, and analytical chemistry, and the biobank offers a service for storing and managing biological samples. 

•Core lab services
Genetics services
o   DNA extraction o Multiplex PCR
o   RNA extraction o Real time PCR
o  Standard PCR         o      DNA sequencing

•Analytical chemistry services
•Hematology services
o Prothrombin Time (PT)                          o  Complete Blood Count (CBC) plus Differential.
o Partial Thromboplastin Time (PTT) o Flow cytometry.
o Fibrinogen Test (FIB)

Cell culture and cell imaging services
o Cell Culturing                 o Fluorescence imaging
o Primary Cell Culture   o Immunohistochemistry Staining 
o Mycoplasma Testing o Confocal Laser Microscopy 
o Cell Viability Testing

Workshops and Activities 

The Research Department provides numerous specialized workshops and activities, and it also reinforces research collaboration and support by offering research consultation and individual meetings with researchers. In addition, it gives the University’s researchers the opportunity to conduct workshops in various research fields.

Contact us
P O BOX 47330 
RIYADH 11552