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You can register and open a file through the following link:

Contact us for more information:


PNU staff – Open a new medical file

Female students can obtain medical services through the University Medical Center at A4 station

You can register through the following website:

If specialized services are needed, they shall be transferred to the hospital for treatment.

As for ambulance and emergency cases, they shall be received directly at the hospital.

Contact us for more information:


Medical services for students

  External students only, services do not include graduate students

Eligibility for treatment is for PNU staff and students

However, referral from any government hospital is possible with a report on the health condition that requires treatment here at KAAUH. Through “referral" system of the Ministry of Health, and that the referral is directed to us to be reviewed by the team of doctors to assess the case and consider if it is possible to provide the necessary treatment for the condition.


Wishing you health and wellness

Eligibility - open a file at KAAUH

(Non PNU staff)

Appointment center can be contacted during working hours at:


Note that the official working hours: Sunday - Thursday from 7:30 am - 4:30 pm

Kindly contact the Patient Services Department to help you: 0118203197 Lab tests

Kindly contact Patient Experience Department to help you:


Note that the official working hours are: Sunday - Thursday from 8:00 am - 4:30 pm

Complaints or suggestions
Patient bill of rights is available in all inpatient rooms, and a rights booklet is also available next to the bed, and you can also request it from the nursing stationPatient rights and responsibilities

Kindly contact Patient Experience Department to help you:



Note that the official working hours are: Sunday - Thursday from 8:00 am - 4:30 pm


KAAUH 24/7 emergency department receive emergency cases only, while other cases are received in clinics.

To call an ambulance, please contact:

From landline inside the university *505

From mobile 0118200505


We thank you for your interest in joining the hospital team. However, applications are accepted online only.

You can view and apply for  vacant positions through the career website



‏ We would like to inform you that due to the large number of applicants, selection is made according to academic degrees and CVs to enter the list of candidates.

After that, the list will be contacted to take the English language test, then those who pass the test will be contacted to attend the interview, and then the selection will be made for the best-qualified applicants.

Job applicants  inquiries

The office handles the process of coordinating and supervising the training of male and female students between the educational institutions and hospital departments according to their needs and the hospital training capacity, as training is a priority at KAAUH, and we are keen to provide all resources to create a distinct learning environment.

To apply for internship at KAAUH:

Click here:


Application Conditions :

  1. Applicant must be Saudi
  2. Graduated from a public university
  3. Completed the medical examination (click here to download the medical examination form) before starting the training. Note that medical and social service trainees are required to submit the completed form. As for the administrative departments, the first part of the form is sufficient (Basic and Systematic Examination)
  4. Submission shall be before the start date of the training for not less than one month.
  5. Complete all required documents and information accurately,
  6. PNU students training shall be coordinated through the training offices in the university's faculties, and applications are received through the faculties only, as the priority in training is for them

For more information, please contact:

Or call one of the following numbers:





Students Experience and Training
Scholarship program is for PNU staff onlyScholarships

Dental services are provided through the University's College of Dentistry.

You can contact the College of Dentistry through:



Dental treatment inquiries​