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The Deanship of Academic Development is organizing a training course entitled: Cooperative Learning & Learning Environments

The Deanship of Academic Development, represented at its headquarters by the Center for Excellence in Teaching & Learning, has organized a training course for faculty members called "Cooperative Learning & Learning Environments" as part of the Fellowship Qualification Program-FPP, Presented by Dr. Reem Al-Dughaither.


The main aim of the Training Course: to educate the trainees to the notion of cooperative learning, its types, effective learning settings, and their advantages.


The training covered the several fundamentals, such as cooperative learning's definition, tactics, and components, as well as its benefits and drawbacks.

The course also covered effective learning settings, advantages, and ways for providing opportunity for students to ask questions.


Moreover, the course touched on Learning through using different standards& models, constructive discussions regarding learning contents, efficient use of technology in the classroom, success criterion linking teaching practices to the UK Professional Standard Framework (UKPSF) dimensions-Creating successful learning settings and styles for students, areas of activity& fundamental knowledge.​

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