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Vision, Mission, and Objectives

The Family Consulting Center aspires to be a pioneer in the field of family counselling, developmental programs and community awareness.

- To enhance the role of Princess Nourah Bint Abdul Rahman University in community service and actively participate in sustainable development projects through providing consulting services and family awareness and rehabilitation programs.

- To achieve the mission of the University by activating the Center's policies and national programs that are concerned with women development so as to be able to make a tie-knit family that reflects the unity of the society.


1. Contributing to community development through the development of family members.
2. Strengthening the relationship between the University and the society.
3. Providing counseling in social, family and psychological fields.
4. Identifying the negative phenomena prevalent in the society and address them appropriately.
5. Educating inpiduals about the importance and stability of the family.
6. Preparing specialized personnel in the field of social and psychological consulting.
7. Providing a family-related database.
8. Building community partnerships with charity and civil institutions.​