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Student Services Procedures

​​Academic Policies and Procedures

Deferral and withdrawal

 (8-A) Study Deferral for One or Two Semesters. Docx​​
 (8-B) Admission Deferral. Docx

Dismissal and Re-enrollment

 (10) Dismissal from Program. Docx
 (11) Re-enrollment. Docx

Time extensions

 (9-A) Time Extension Request. Docx
 (9-B) Time Extension Request. Docx

Result Review Request

 (23) Result Review Request. Docx

 Clearance Form

 (25) University Clearance. Docx


Thesis/Dissertation Forms  

 (2) Faculty Member Status. Docx
 (3) Curriculum Vitae Of Faculty Members (Assistant Professor). Docx 
 (4) Research Registration Form (Master/PhD). Docx
 (5) Supervisor Change Form (Master/PhD). Docx
 (6) Research Title Modification Form. Docx
 (7) Student Progress Report. Docx
 (12) Validity of the Thesis for Discussion. Docx
 (13) Nominating A Defense Committee. Docx
 (14) Defense Assessment. Docx
 (15-A) Thesis Examination Report. Docx
 (15-B) Dissertation Examination Report. Docx
 (16-A) Thesis Approval. Docx
 (16-B) Dissertation Approval. Docx
 (17-A) Announcement of Master Thesis Examination Result. Docx
 (17-B) Announcement of Doctoral Dissertation Examination Result. Docx
 (18) Thesis/Dissertation Amendment Authorization. Docx
 (19) Notification of Thesis/Dissertation Modification. Docx
 (20) Research Project Title Approval. Docx
 (21) Research Project Examination Report. Docx
 (22) Research Project Evaluation Form. Docx