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Health Programs


Health Programs

General admission requirements as per the Unified Regulations for Graduate Studies:

   1- Completion of a university degree in a Saudi or any accredited university.

   2- A minimum BA grade of “Very Good". Exceptional admission may be granted by the Council of Graduate Studies to students with a BA grade of “Above Average" (C+) GPA.

   3- Provision of two academic letters of recommendations.

   4- For Diploma programs, the minimum BA grade for admission is “Good''.

   5- Provision of employer's consent if the applicant is employed.

 Admission criteria as specified by colleges:

​CollegeDepartment Specialization Program NameDegreeAdmission Criteria Study Options Program languageCost *
​College of Nursing ​​

Advanced Nursing Practice

Master of Science in Nursing: Advanced Nursing Practice​

In partnership with Dublin City University​


1) A BA in Nursing with a with a minimum grade of “Good"

2) A minimum overall score of 5 in ACADEMIC IELTS (or its equivalent)

3)  Be a registered Nurse with a minimum of 1-year post-registration clinical experience

Courses + research project English
187,400 SAR

​​Community Health Nursing
​​Master of Science in Nursing – Gerontological Nursing
​ ​​​1) A BA in Nursing with a GPA of no less than 3.75 out of 5.
2) A minimum score of 65 in Post-Graduate General Aptitude Test (PGAT).
3) A minimum of 5.5 in ACADEMIC IELTS (or its equivalent).
4) A practical nursing practice in the program's field for at least one years after the internship year.
5) have a valid SCHS registration.

​​Courses and thesis
​​105,000 SAR
​​Medical-Surgical Nursing
​Master of Science in Nursing – Advanced Nursing Practice
​Track: Adult Critical Care Nursing
Track: Cardiovascular Care Nursing
​​Courses and project 
​​125,000 SAR
College of Rehabilitation and Health Sciences
Health Sciences Clinical Psychology

MSc of Clinical Psychology


1) A BA in Clinical Psychology, Psychology with a grade of no less than ''Very Good"

 2)  A minimum score of 65 in Post-Graduate General Aptitude Test (PGAT)

3) A minimum overall score of 6.5 in ACADEMIC IELTS (or its equivalent)

4)   Pass the entrance Exam  

  5) Pass the interview 

6) One year of experience in the field 

Courses and research projectEnglish



Pharmacy Practice
​Clinical Pharmacy
Master of Advanced Clinical Pharmacy

1)ABA in Pharmacy or Doctor of Pharmacy with at least a “Good" GPA and "very Good" in specialized courses

2) A minimum score of 65 in Post-Graduate General Aptitude Test (PGAT)

3)  A minimum overall score of 5 in ACADEMIC IELTS. (or its equivalent)

4) Pass the interview.

 5) Have a valid pharmacy profession license from the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties.

6)  A general medical checkup.

Courses, project and clinical practice
91,200  SAR​​


* The cost of the program is calculated based on the minimum regular period (four semesters). Extra fees will be added for any extra semesters.




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