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Quality Internal Reviewers

​Under Progress....​​

Internal Reviewers​ is an important element of quality, as it is an effective means aimed at assisting the various sectors at the University in confirming their readiness
to obtain accreditation. This specialized group consists of 53 internal audits, and the following is a list of their names:

  1. Dr. Aljawharah Abdulaziz Alfuhaid

  2. Dr. Amal Mesfer Alshardan

  3. Dr. Aminah Abdulrahman Alkhunain

  4. Dr. Thanaa Ahmad Almasri

  5. Dr. Hanan Mohammad Alghamdi

  6. Dr. Khairiyah Mohammad Alqahtani

  7. Dr. Ruqayah Mohammad Alateeq

  8. Dr. Reem Salem Alkuraidees

  9. Dr. Reem Abdulmuhsen Alsuwailem

  10. Dr. Salwa Rushdi Ahmad

  11. Dr. Seham Abdulrahman Aleisa

  12. Dr. Abeer Salem Alshahrani

  13. Dr. Anoud Abdulaziz Alhamad

  14. Dr. Mariam Ali Aldoshani

  15. Dr. Mona Hussain Alsahlan

  16. Dr. Maha Ali Alkhshail

  17. Dr. Mai Abdullah Alduailej

  18. Dr. Najat Yahya Zakareya

  19. Dr. Nawal Abdulmohsen Alaiban

  20. Dr. Noura Fahad Aleid

  21. Dr. Noura Mohammad Alzamil

  22. Dr. Haya Meged Alotaibi

  23. Dr. Haifa Abdulaziz Alyousef

  24. Dr. Hailah Dhaifallah Alyousef

  25. Dr. Wafa Saleh Alkhuraiji

  26. Dr. Wafa Abdulaziz Alzamil

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