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Deanship of Admission and Registration in Princess Nourah bint Abdulrahman University announces that the dates of entering the major preferences for students who are qualified for specialization in the First Semester of Academic Year 1441 AH

Specialization portal for first semester of academic year 1441 AH is now open


A)  Dates of entering the specialization preferences for the first semester of academic year 1441 AH:




Hijri date

Calendar date

Opening specialization portal


21-03-1441 AH

18-Nov-2019 AD

Closing specialization portal


05-04-1441 AH

02-Dec-2019 AD


B)  Conditions and controls of Specialization:

(Click here)


C)   Enter specialization preferences through the specialization portals according to the dates provided in the aforementioned schedule:

(Click here)


D)  For more inquiries, kindly contact:

E-mail address:

Tel.: 011-8243493, 011-8243419

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