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​Making Excuse

The student's failure to continue studying for the semester in which she is registered with an acceptable excuse, while calculating the period of excuse within the regular period of graduation.

Making Excuse for the study::

  1. 1. The date for making excuse for the semester starts from the third week until the end of the tenth week of study, as stated in the university calendar.
  2. 2. The student submits her application through self-service, except for students of health colleges and new students in the year in which they were accepted, and students of external scholarships, where they submit the request in student affairs department in their colleges
  3. 3. The student must attend the study and follow the academic record to verify the implementation of the the making excuse application..
  4. 4. The excused  student will have a grade of (W) in her academic record for the courses that are registered in that semester.
  5. 5. In the event that the apology has not been implemented within a maximum period (two weeks), the student must review the Deanship of Admission and Registration, and Deanship shall disclaim its responsibility when the student does not ,. attend within the specified period

Making excuse procedures for college students applying the annual study system:        :

  1. 1. The student has the right to apologize for two non- consecutive years of study (maximum) during her university studies.
  2. 2. Making excusesemesters are counted within the regular period of graduation.or
  3. 3. The results of the courses for which the student has been assigned a degree are calculated.
  4. 4. The student shall not be entitled to a remuneration in the event of making excuse for the academic year

Making excuse for the summer semester:

  1. 1. The application shall be submitted during the period stated in the university calendar.
  2. 2. Making excuse semester is counted as one of the permitted semesters during her university studies.
  3. 3. The excused student's remuneration shall cease for the summer semester (during the summer).
  4. 4.  The student must attend the attend and follow her academic account to ensure implementation of the making excuse application.
  5. 5. The status of the student will be automatically regular in the next semester, and no action is required

The difference between Making excuse and postponing

Aspects of similaritiesThe differences
Both means that you will stop your studies temporarily and then return to it in later semester. The postponement of the study takes place before the course registration period. As for the  making excuse , the student must be registered.

For the Bachelor: Both can be implemented in either two consecutive semesters or three separate semesters

For the diploma:  Postponement is made only for once, and making excuse for two non-consecutive times.

Postponement is not counted within the regular period of graduation,  while making excuse is counted as part of it
Both require the student to submit an official application  in personThe date for postponing before the beginning of the semester and until the end of the second week of it, and after this date the request for  making excuse for the study will be until the end of the tenth week
The remuneration will cease upon postponement or an  making excuse for the study, since the application was fulfilledcourse shall not be postponed while it can be excused for
When the student is not attending the next semester, she is considered  absent and s hall be deregistered

The student accompanying (her mahram), or who is legally dependent on him, may suspend her study according to the following controls::

  1. 1. The student must be a Saudi or from a Saudi mother.
  2. 2. That the student has completed the foundation year (if any) and selected her major..
  3. 3. The suspension period should not exceed three consecutive years.
  4. 4. The suspension period shall not be calculated from the student's regular period.
  5. 5. Student should not  claim the equivalence of the courses you studied during the suspension period.
  6. 6. Upon the end of the period of suspension, the student is enrolled in the same major according to the plan implemented in that semester, and complete the graduation requirements for the current plan.
  7. 7. The student has one opportunity to suspend  her  study during her university study.
  8. 8. The student's G.P.A should not be less than 2.5
  9. 9. The student should not be dismissed
  1. 10. In case the student does not attend regularly following suspension of study, she shall be considered absent and shall be deregistered.

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