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Study Dropout

Dear Student:

 Leaving attending classes  without notifying the responsible authorities at the university exposes you to  be suspended from study, and it may amount to a complete dismissal.


The suspension of the student from studying at the university if one or more semesters are terminated Without applying for an Excuse or delay.

Policy of Deregistration at PNU::

f the student failed to attend for one academic semester without submitting any postponement request, she would be deregistered from university. The PNU council is entitled to deregister the student, if she failed to attend for less period.

Procedures for requesting re-registration:

  1. 1. Submit a request for re-enrollment within the deadline specified in the university calendar. (Via self-service)
  2. 2. The student's application is submitted to the college in which she was enrolled to consider the possibility of re- registration , with her number and record before dropout.
  3. 3. The student will be contacted via her university email address associated with her university number in order to complete the appropriate procedures according to the college's response.

Controls of Re-registration:

1.       Submission of request will be available to students, to whom these controls apply::

  • - Bachelor's degree: a student who has not exceeded four semesters from the date of dropout.
  • -Diploma stage: a student who has not exceeded two semesters from the date of dropout.

2.       The student has no right to request excuse  or delay in the semester in which she was re-enrolled.

It is not allowed to re-enroll the student in the following cases:

  • -A student who is dismissed from the university (or from another university) academic or disciplinary.
  • -Those previously re-registered (they are only allowed to re-register once)
  • -If the student dropped out the admission class.
  • -Whoever exceeds the statutory period to complete the graduation requirements at the university.

Procedures required from student after re-registration is accepted:

 The student will be re-registered with her university number before dropout, and she must do the following:

  1. 1. Implementing the university's provisions, regulations, and instructions.
  2. 2. Maintain good conduct and good behavior .
  3. 3. Ensure that the appropriate courses for the study plan that have been re-enrolled are recorded.
  4. 4. If the study plan has not been changed, the student who has been dropped out will be re-enrolled in her academic case prior to the interruption.
  5. 5.  The student shall be committed to attend the lectures and not to drop out again.
  6. 6. The student must check with her department to get to know her academic advisor.
  1. 7. Contact the Remunerations Department to verify the validity of the ATM card if she is entitled to the monthly stipend.
  2. 8. Follow the procedures for obtaining a university ID card  (in case of losing the university card).

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