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Final Examinations

Controls for monitoring final test scores:

1.       The course lecturer develops test questions. When necessary, based on the proposal of and Head of Department, it may be made by whoever is chosen by the relevant department council.

2.       The course lecturer corrects the final test papers of his course, and and Head of Department (if needed) may engage with one or more specialists in correction

3.       The course lecturer monitors the final test scores in the transcripts and signs them, then and Head of Department approves them.

4.       The course professor tracks final grades in the academic system.

5.       The course lecturer is fully responsible for the validity of the final grades entered into the academic system, and amendment is not available to him after that except with the permission of the Deanship of Admission and Registration.

6.       The degrees approved by the relevant department are sent to the dean of the college for approval and deportation through the academic system.​

Deprivation from final examinations:

1.       The regular student must attend lectures and scientific (practical) lessons, according to the registered academic courses for her.

2.       The student is prohibited from entering the final exam by a decision made by the College Board if her attendance rate is less than (75%) of the total lectures and practical, field and clinical lessons.

3.       The course lecturer gives a first warning of absence if her absence exceeds 10% of the total lectures of the same course, and a second warning if her absence rate reaches 20% of the total lectures of the course.

4.       The course lecturer submits a report to the head of the department that follows the course in which he clarifies students who have exceeded the permitted absence rate (25%), and they have no acceptable excuses. The report includes the dates of the lectures in which they are absent.

5.       The report is approved by the Department and College Councils.

6.       the college in which the course is affiliated shall notify the college of the student with the deprivation decision

7.       Deprived students are not allowed to enter the examination hall.

8.       The disadvantaged student is considered to have failed in a course. The instructor will score a grade of (deprived) or (DN) for her, and this will be shown in her academic record.

Procedures for submitting an excuse for absence from the final examination:

1.        Within three days from the date of the examination, the student absent from the final examination shall submit her excuse to the lecturer or head of the competent department of the course on which she is absent.

2.       The excuses of students, who are absent from the final exam, are presented to the department council and college council, to allow them to take the alternative test.

3.       The student`s college shall be notified of the college council`s decision for information.

4.        The Departments prepare questions and dates for alternative exams, and announce appointments by regular means at the university

5.       The excuses allowed to be absent from the final examination are as follows:

·         The death of the first-degree relatives.

·         Delivery, bleeding and their equivalents.

·         Inpatient hospital.

·         Accompany (father, mother, husband, son) in the hospital (in the absence of an alternative).

·         Chemotherapy appointment or dialysis appointment.

·         Fainting, coma, or seizures on the day of the test.

·         Traffic accidents that result in severe injuries or fire at home on the day of the test

·         The authenticated medical excuses or force majeure events, with which the college is convinced.

Procedures for requesting re-correction of final test answers:


1.       The student submits a request to the head of the department to which the course belongs to request a re-correction of the answer sheet within three days of the announcement of the result, by filling out a form (9)

2.       The department council that teaches the course creates a committee to consider the application submitted by the student, and the committee's opinion is final

3.       If it is found that the degree given to the student needs to be modified according to the department's decision, the amendment form sends (Form 10) after its approval to the Deanship of Admission and Registration.

4.       The student may not apply to re-correct more than two courses per semester

  1. Implementing such adjustment to the system is within the roles of Deanship of Admission and ‎ Registration.


For inquiries and contact with the Examinations Department at the Deanship of Admission and Registration


Phone 0118243477, 0118243480

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