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Procedures of Receiving the Graduation Document

The graduate must follow the following procedures to ensure that her document is received in a timely manner:

1- Update the name data in English according to the dates announced by the Deanship of Admission and Registration.
2. Follow the university's website announcements to find out the schedule for the distribution of documents to female graduates.
3. Complete the “clearance" form.
4. Handing over the university card to the department of files in the deanship of admission and registration.
5. The document is handed in the presence of the graduate in person, with the need to show the national identity.
6. Health college graduates are required to bring the original certificate of excellence when receiving the document.
7. The words "missing replacement", "damaged replacement" or "name modification" are written on the date of the new release on each document issued instead of the lost, damaged or modified document.
8. If you are not able to attend, you must send a warrant to receive the original graduation document or replacement as follows:
ِA. Send an email from the official student email to the document department email ( and the files department ( :
I (the name of the graduate) delegate (name relative) from the college ... Section.... Graduate of the class ..... For the year....... By receiving my graduation document, academic record and all my official papers from Princess Noura Bint Abdulrahman University and returning my university card to the competent authority.“
B. the delegated person should be a first degree relative.
C. A copy of the student's identity card, a university card and a copy of the identity of the one who delegates it will be provided by the mail.
D. The graduate's university card must be handed over.
E. The delegated person must bring his or her original identity and the identity of the graduate and prove kinship. 

The assessment adopted in the document at graduation:
Table to show the corresponding estimate of the cumulative rate shown in the student's academic record and in the graduation document

​Symboles​Grade and GPAGrade
اA4.5 - 5excellent
بB3.75- 4.49Very good
جC2.75- 3.74good
دD2.74- 2pass

The approved grade in the certificate upon graduation

The following schedule shows the corresponding grade to the GPA that appears in the academic transcript of the student and in the graduation certificate.



Grade and Grade Point Average



From 4.5 to 5



From 3.75 to 4.49

Very Good


From 2.75 to 3.74



From 2 to 2.74



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