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Terms and Controls of Admission

  1. Admission conditions in PNU:
    New students’ admission are conditioned by:
    1- Saudi nationality.
    2- high school or equivalent is from kingdom of Saudi Arabia or abroad.
    3- not exceeding 5 years of high school graduation including the year of graduation.
    4- obtaining general aptitude test and achievement test from the national center for assessment either graduated from Saudi arabia or abroad and studied Saudi curriculum or not.
    5- passing any required tests or interviews.
    6- medically fit.
    7- matching admission conditions or any other conditions required by university council  and announced on admission time.
    8-Appropriate psychologically and physically  for health specialties, and in case of discovery otherwise the university has the right to transfer its admission to other specialties within the university.
    9- not being registered, accepted, has already obtained a bachelor's degree or has been dismissed for disciplinary reasons from a public university or any other university. Otherwise the university has the right to cancel the admission. 
    10- not having a previous record at Princess Noura Bint AbdulRahman University or has already obtained a diploma from the Community 

  2.  Admission criteria at Princess Noura Bint AbdulRahman University:
    Admission to Princess Noura Bint AbdulRahman University is based on the complex ratio criterion, which is the total score (secondary + abilities + achievement)
    Health and scientific faculties: -
    30% GPA + 30% GAT test + 40% for achievement test Humanitarian colleges and community colleges: 50% GPA + 25% GAT test + 25% for achievement test. For more details, 
  3. •:Documents required for admission
    For the Saudi student: There are no documents required as confirmation of acceptance will be electronic, and it is enough to hand over the documents. For a non-Saudi student from a Saudi mother, you must come to the university admission department according to the period specified for it, with the  following documents
    The origin of the residence and passport-
      The origin of the birth certificate and two copies of it- 
  4. . National ID card for the student's mother and 2 copies .

  5. Admission procedures at Princess Noura Bint AbdulRahman University:
     1. Access the unified e-admission portal for female students for public universities and technical college in Riyadh to check the schedule and abide by the announced admission procedures and dates.
      2. Pass any test or interview required by the university.
     3- The announcement of candidates for admission through the unified electronic admission portal for public universities and technical college in Riyadh through the trade-off between the applicants according to the announced admission criteria and the order of wishes, the availability of seats , conditions of admission to colleges and the capacity of the university.
     4- Confirm admission through the unified electronic admission portal for female students and print the admission notice during the announced time period.
     5- Entering the data of students who confirmed their admission through the unified electronic admission portal in the university system and granting them university numbers. 
    6- Sending text messages to the accepted students’ phones including university number, password and access to the academic system and university mail. 
    7- The student must check the website to find out the dates of English test and issuing the university card and  ATM card. 
    8- Follow-up of the student to the instructions and alerts through her account in the portal of the unified electronic admission and the website of the university that she was nominated for admission. 

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