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About the Deanship

​The Deanship of Admission and Registration was established at Princess Nourah bint Abdulrahman University in 1411 AH, and it is one of the deanships of the Vice-Rectorate for Educational Affairs. It is the tributary of the university and one of the most important supporting deanships. It is the main communication channel between the university and its students starting from their admission until their graduation, as well as between the faculty member and students, and it is in charge of many services relative to admission, registration and academic guidance in accordance with the approved regulations, rules and policies.



  • - Oversee the implementation of university admission policies and follow up its procedures.
  • - Follow up students registration procedures within the specified dates.
  • - Follow up academic procedures such as (transfer from inside and outside the university, postponement, apology, deregistration, etc.).
  • - Supervise the admission of scholarship students.
  • - Oversee the academic guidance processes in the university colleges.
  • - Follow up the graduation of students and hand them graduation documents and academic records, and develop graduates handbook.
  • - Develop lists of students' stipends and oversee its affairs.



Leadership in providing the best levels of academic support to beneficiaries, locally and globally.



To improve the performance of admission and registration processes and services with the optimal employment of technology in all processes through distinguished human cadres.


Our Values:


Justice and Integrity:

We are committed to working with integrity and transparency, in a manner that achieves justice and promotes trust, credibility and equal opportunities for all.



We work with appreciation and care to enhance self-confidence and consideration in dealing with others.



We encourage teamwork and participation in decision-making.



We give inpidual, collective, and leadership responsibility, and we are to be held accountable accordingly.



We are committed to improving work and continuous enhancement to promote performance in line with quality and excellence standards.



We support creative ideas, proposals and solutions that contribute to developing work environment and enhancing the quality of the services provided.