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Rewards  are a monthly amount of money for a female student at university and postgraduate level, and the amount varies between scientific colleges, theoretical and graduate colleges.

Monthly rewards conditions:

 1.The student must be regular. 

2. The student must be a Saudi or for a Saudi mother, a Saudi citizen or an official scholarship student from outside the Kingdom (partial scholarship).

 3. The student's GPA should not be less than (2) of (5). 

4. The reward will be spent during the duration of the course (*)

The student's rewards  stop depend on the following reasons:

 1.Exceed the duration of the course (*). 

2. Postponing the semester or apologizing for studying the semester. 

3. Dropping out of study. 

4. The cumulative rate is lower than (2)

(*) Duration of programs: the duration of the program scheduled to finish the study according to the study plan approved by the University Council, and is calculated from the semester in which the student was accepted, including the semesters of drop and transfer, and does not include the semesters of postponement and drop out.

Monthly rewards amount:

1.1000 SR for specialties (health, science, computer science and information, design and arts, management and business: for specialties: economics, accounting and Dublin programs).

2. (850) SR for specialties (arts, languages, education, social service, management and business: systems and business management)

3. (900) SR for graduate students .

 4. (10) riyals are deducted from the rewards for the student fund, and the student is not entitled to claim it after graduation.

5.  a 10% increase in the reward for female students for one year based on the High Order, from 19-Spring II-1439 H, 6-January 2018

Monthly rewards deposit time: The reward is automatically deposited into the student's account from 26 to 28 of each Gregorian month.

Award of excellence: - The reward of excellence is paid once per semester to regular students and under the following 

1- The duration of the program is not exceeded.

2- a quarterly average of at least (4.50). 

3- The average hours in that semester are not less than (12) credit hours, except for expected graduates. 

4- The student should not have an incomplete assessment course (L).

- The amount of excellence reward is  (500)riyals for all specialties .  

 - It is automatically deposited into account without having to claim it.

Summer semester reward: 

1. The summer semester reward is paid to regular students in the second semester and deposited in their accounts monthly 

2. The reward is not paid to  students who are dropped or deferred in the second semester unless the student enrolls in the summer semester and does not drop the study, It will be deposited in their accounts at the end of the summer semester. 

3. The reward will not be paid if the student registers in the summer semester and drops for it.

Special Needs Allowance: A monthly allowance is paid to female students with special needs after the student has applied for the support center at the Faculty of Education and filled out the form.

University reward debit Cards:

• a cash card for the university student on the Mada system. the benefits are different from the current account cards.

 • The debit card is issued to each student when she is accepted to study at the university in cooperation with Riyadh Bank and is delivered to the new student according to the dates announced on the university's official website.

To contact the Rewards Department at Princess Noura Bint AbdulRahman University:

- Opening hours from 7.30am to 1.45pm - Email -Tel. 0118243722, 0118243562.

Location:  main building, south entrance (2) PO5 parking - first floor - office no. (1.224)
 inside the university: F1 station or A9 station

To contact Riyad Bank at Princess Noora Bint AbdulRahman University :
- Opening hours from 8 am to 3 pm 
- official Twitter: account@riyadhbank 
- Customer Service Account: @ascriyadbank 
- Unified Number of Bank Phone: 920002470 
- Headquarters - Branch Station A4 (1st floor)
 - Branch Station A10 (ground floor)

Problems and solutions



Request to reissue the card as follows: 1.Stop the card by contacting Riyadh bank customer service (920002470). 2. Go to the branch of Riyadh Bank at the University of A4 or A10 station 24 hours after the suspension.  3. You must bring the student's proof (university card with the origin of the id)

Loss or withdrawal of the debit card

Go to one of the branches of Riyadh Bank in the university station A4 or A10 station to activate the pin number

Forget the passcode or entering it wrong

Send an email to manage the rewards from (university student mail) *Note: •The student must make a withdrawal of the amount of the reward within 3 months so that her bank account does not stop

Your bank account has been suspended for not using it for more than 3 months 

1. Insert the ATM card into the Atm machine of Riyadh Bank and enter the PIN. 2.From the list of operations  select (statement of account) and then (previous operations). 3. From the list you can find out the current balance of the account and the last(5) transactions made on the account as: Credit (deposit amounts).  Debit (withdrawal of an amount from the ATM or point of sale). 4. Print and save the receipt note: •The date in the statement is according to the Gregorian calendar. •the statement shows the last 5 operations.

Request a statement of account from the ATM

Claim the amount as follows: 1. Contact Riyadh Bank Customer Service (920002470). 2. Choose a code (*) and then number (4) 3. Give the bank employee the necessary information and the number of exchange in which the transaction was conducted or its location, with the explanation that the amount was deducted from the account without receiving it 4. Save the claim number and follow up the request by calling customer service if the amount is not deposited within 20 days of the claim.

Cut amounts from the account after withdrawing from the ATM or point of sale without receiving the amount

The student should check with the office of the students' affairs in her college, where the reward and the salary of the excellence are paid through the university's salary department

A problem to students of excellence in health colleges​