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Visit-based Study System for students from outside PNU

​ The Deanship of Admission and Registration at Princess Nourah bint Abdulrahman University (PNU) is pleased to welcome you, to join it to study a part of graduation requirements in accordance with a visit-based system in one of the programs provided by PNU at the undergraduate level. As you can take the advantage of PNU unique study environment and to meet PNU students who are known for their efficiency and excellence at both scientific and practical levels. We are pleased to provide the information you need and to learn about all matters related to the (visit-based) study system.


Visit-based Study System:

This system allows the student to study some courses at another Saudi university (without withdrawing the file) when the student faces circumstances requiring her to move (a temporary period) to another region or for other reasons.


Conditions for applying to Visit-based Study System:

  1. 1. Student must be a Saudi national or born to a Saudi mother.
  2. 2. Student is not dismissed from another university for disciplinary or educational reasons.
  3. 3. Compliance with the deadlines specified in the university calendar published on the PNU Deanship of Admission and Registration page.
  4. 4. PNU is not responsible for any student`s stipends, statements or travel tickets discount... etc. As she receives her stipends from her university.
  5. 5. Visiting student is not entitled to apply for accommodation in PNU.
  6. 6. The maximum period of study as a visiting student at PNU is two semesters.


Required Documents:

  1. 1. Approval from Deanship of Admission and Registration in her university, at which she is studying, indicating courses she wishes to study according to PNU programs and justifications of studying these courses outside her university.
  2. 2. Her student ID card (at her university).
  3. 3. Copy of her national ID card and the original for verification.
  4. 4. Copy of general certificate of secondary education.


Procedures of applying for visit-based-study from outside PNU:

The student who wishes to study as a visitor at PNU has to complete the following procedures:

  1. 1. To check with the PUN required department to obtain a description to courses she wishes to study, within an appropriate period before the date announced in the university calendar.
  2. 2. To fill in the visit-based-study form in her university and mention the PNU courses (the course number, code and name, and number of hours) required to be studied as a visiting student, provided that these courses are included in the courses of the required semester.
  3. 3. To submit a formal approval from the Deanship of Admission and Registration at her university enclosed with the form and stamped with the university seal.
  4. 4. The visiting student will receive a student ID card according to the controls established by PNU to be used during her study period at PNU.
  5. 5. The chosen courses will be recorded in the form, according to PNU controls of registration.
  6. 6. The student will be provided with an e-mail and academic account according to PNU.
  7. 7. The student`s university will be notified of the courses registered to the student.
  8. 8. After semester's examinations, the student`s result will be sent to her university.
  9. 9. After announcing examinations results, the visiting student shall be deregistered from PNU.
  10. 10. The student shall return her student ID card to the hosting department after the end of examinations.
  11. ​11. In the event of failure to study under any circumstances, the student must submit a request for apology at her university, and notify the PNU Deanship of Admission and Registration of the same, as well as handing over the student ID card.


For inquiry and communication:


Phone: 0118243461, 0118243471

Address: Deanship of Admission and Registration, Al Narjes District (Airport Road), Administration Building, Southern Entrance (2), Parking No. (PO5), First Floor