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The PNU Center for Promising Research in Social Research and Women's Studies was established as an initiative from and with the support and funding of the Ministry of Education in 24 Rabeia Al-Awal 1432 AH, corresponding to 27 February 2011.


The idea of establishing the center is based on the fact that scientific knowledge is the basis for community development, and that studies and scientific research are the bases upon which scientific knowledge stands. Therefore, discovering negative social phenomena, addressing them, and finding solutions cannot happen without true scientific knowledge based on studying all aspects of reality. Accordingly, the center is concerned with studying human and social phenomena and women's issues, enabling them to participate effectively in facing the challenges of development in a scientific manner. 


Conducting joint researches, studies, and intellectual and academic projects between PNU researchers and those in other Saudi Universities is one of the most important objectives of the center, in addition to conducting studies and researches for other entities, in realization of the principle of societal partnership with the private sector. The center also conducts seminars, lectures, scientific conferences, workshops, and training courses that focus on awareness, training, and development; and concludes memoranda of scientific cooperation in research and consultation with the different sectors of society. ​