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Promotion of National Identity Forum (Saudi... Unlimited ambition)


National identity is the characteristics of nations and the spirit of belonging among their children, a social and moral system that describes all forms of feelings and behaviors shared by individuals. 
Developing the national identity is a national commitment: historic and future. In order to achieve the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's trends, the Promising Research Center in Social Research and Women's Studies is pleased to announce the establishment of the Forum for the Promotion of National Identity among Women under the slogan "Saudi... Unlimited ambition" with the aim of presenting the Saudi women's and highlighting their success stories.

Forum Objectives:
-  Emphasizing the role of women in instilling the concept of Belonging and Saudi Identity.
- Women's participation in community work in all its political, cultural, social and intellectual aspects.
- Highlighting the benefits of women's economic empowerment over national identity.
- Looking ahead to the future of economic growth and business opportunities for Saudi women.
- Highlighting health issues related to women.
-  Promoting women's participation in sport.

Forum topics:
- Saudi women in a vital society.
- Saudi women are decision makers.
- Saudi women are economic power.

Dialogue sessions:
​​First dialogue session:
Saudi women in a vital society​
​ ​
Director of the session :
Dr. Huda Bint Omar Al-Wehaibi
University Undersecretary for Development and Quality

​Saudi identity for a strong homeland (affiliation and social responsibility)

Prof. Maha Ali AlKhshail

Faculty member at the Faculty of Arts

​Women's Health Issues
​Dr. Manal Ibrahim AlFareh

Director of the National Programme for Women, Children and Young People's Health

​Women's sport between founding and practice
​Mrs. Adhwa Abdulrahman AlAreefi          

Undersecretary of the Ministry of Sports for Planning and Development

Second dialogue session:

Saudi women are decision makers, and economic power

​Director of the session:

Prof. Sarah Saleh Alkhamshi

Professor of the Sheikh Mohammed Al Zanan Chair for Volunteering Research​

​ ​
​Women and decision-making​Dr. Hala Mazyad AlTwaijri

Secretary-General of the Family Affairs Council

​Women and senior leadership positions​Dr. Ghada Abdulrahman AlAreefi

Dean of Faculty of Management and Business

​Women and human rights awareness?​Mrs. Samha Saeed AlGhamdi

Former Member of the Human Rights Council

​Businesswomen in Saudi Arabia... Contributions and challenges
​Dr. Meznah Awadh AlNfaie

Education, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Advisor at the Council for Cooperation in negotiations and strategic dialogue


- Strengthening the national identity of Saudi women in particular and saudi society in general, by intensifying community efforts and cooperation between the relevant ministries such as the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Media, and the Ministry of Culture, identity is a national demand that connects us to the history.

- Efforts of all institutions in society to raise awareness of the history and rights of Saudi women.

- More support to Saudi women to be able to participate in sustainable development.

- Developing the idea of comprehensive health and women's sports within the Kingdom, to become a national community culture, to be taken over by the Ministries of Health and Sports.

- Overcoming difficulties and reducing challenges affecting women's representation in leadership positions and in the financial sectors in order to empower them to be key partners in all areas.

It is important that Saudi women reflect their real and important role in highlighting and strengthening Saudi national identity according to their different status and roles.