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About the Deanship

Academic Development Deanship

The Academic Development Deanship strives to achieve the Strategic Plan objectives at Princess Nourah Bint Abdulrahman University, in terms of developing and enhancing the competence of the faculty members through outstanding academic and leadership training to cope with the rapid changes both locally and internationally.  The scope of the Deanship's work includes several main themes, the most important of which are: professional development of faculty members, promote academic talents, excellence in teaching and learning, empowerment of women leaders in higher education through training that meets the highest standards of quality.  The Deanship also works on building global strategic partnerships specialized in outstanding training, especially since the Deanship is the only party authorized to carry out training within the University, which is assigned by supportive departments, deanships, and other entities.

Vision, Mission, Values, and Objectives 


Expertise in the field of development, talent and creativity development.  


Developing the professional and academic performance through talent development and innovation in order to build a sustainable, competitive knowledge. 


The sense of belonging, integrity, confidence, excellence, commitment to quality and professionalism.  


  1. 1-Developing the professional competence of human, leadership, academic and administrative resources in accordance with the requirements of the knowledge economy.
  2. 2-Providing diverse services that satisfy the beneficiaries and respond to their aspirations.
  3. 3-Creating a motivated and stimulated work environment that meets the excellence standards, and strengthens the sense of belonging and institutional loyalty.
  4. 4-Building a strategic partnership that support the development and innovation by providing leadership programs to serve the university and society. 
  5. 5-Creating the right climate to enable the teaching and learning process, and active the process of scientific research.
  6. 6-​Supporting, enhancing, and encouraging the process of teaching and learning.
  7. Producing a distinguished e-content in both English and Arabic languages in order to support science and knowledge. 

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